September 2007

pamangkins.jpgits my good nephew’s birthday and im truly amazed when he said he’s very worried..he believes that because it is his birthday, and the same day when we were hit with a supertyphoon, another supertyphoon might land!

how nice for a liitle boy to be so worried over the natural calamities that may come, and it is nicer to know that what really causes the worry is his love for us. he does not want us to go over the same turmoil when we were hit with that supertyphoon who came around during his birthday.

 if only everyone is as caring as these little kids then there wil be less problems adn troubles on Earth..maybe we will be living in a better world when all become little boys and girls at heart again..


wild-horses.jpgi wonder what makes friends astray..for a time, you thought everything is right and well just to wake up one day that all of these are pasts..some will took the blame, ending like a lost soul in the middle of a seriously happy world..some will blame others, which reminds me of milli vanilli: blame it on the rain.. but what really make everyone change? physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and biologically? is it destined or is it because of our own free will?

gee…for nearly two decades since i started thinking seriously, this question was left unanswered..i havent come around it, but i accumulated too much pains as an aftermath of its occurence. i barely know what make people tick.. what is clear to me is,  i am always where my friends left me..either they come back or they just gone astray..

im not sure if i had been a good friend, i cant assess myself for that..but one thing is clear to me, i wanted to be the best friend ever found..but i cant speak for a friend gine astray, they must have reasons as i have..nothing to regret about anyway, i felt well needed and i did my best to cope up but no one can please everybody really as a saying says.. better luck for me next time lol!…

commune2.jpghi to all who will have time to view my page.. this site will be my personal site where i will relinquish all my deepest thoughts, longings, and dreams…may we all have great time!