February 2008

ERAP should have been the funniest ex president of all times. He is a sure hit too, should he want to be a comedy actor. Imagine, he told the press in his latest interview that GMA is an illegitimate president!! He is talking about the president who set him free, and since he is claiming that this president is not a true president then it is just right that he be locked in prison once again.

This ex-president has never failed to delight us even with the worst happenings in the government and politics. First, he said he will never ask for pardon. That it is better for him to stay in the country’s jail/s than to ask for pardon from a president who grab power from him. Next, he said that he never steal nor cheat the public and yet he asked for mercy from GMA to free him. And lastly, he is again trying to make a scenario from the recent happenings in the government.

Why can’t ERAP just stick to his words? He said he has no plans to run again, so be it. He said he asked for pardon because he believes he can help more if he is out and be at the side of his failing mother, as well. So be it. Stop making fun of yourself. If you are willing to take a humble suggestion, why don’t you help the government since you are the darling of the press? Why don’t you give more than talking more?

 I am a movie fan of yours, and still is. FPJ, too. But your present ramblings and decisions are confusing me. I hope you can give without thinking of your self just like in your movies. That’s the ERAP I adored and that’s the ERAP I want to keep on adoring.


It’s so sad that the ZTE deal is more than just a proposed project. It seems that it is a multi-million profit for all those who are pushing it through. I am not a fan of anybody in the government. And I have no plans to tag myself either as an opposition or administration fanatic. I am just one of the many Filipinos who wants to have a good and satisfying life. But how can that be if everyone in the government is trying to blow their horns?

JDV says…Ping Lacson says….Everyone is talking. Everyone wants to be the man of the hour. Why can’t senators deal with their own duties and let the ‘Sandigan Bayan’ or the high courts deal with the ‘scam’? Look, for months now, there had been no light in the ZTE deal. Many are now ‘coming out’ to shed the truth. Let them and let these people be judged by those who are appropriate in doing so. I think, the problem is that everyone wants to have a good time on the spotlight for their own good. You see, those that are going to run in 2010 are the ones who are very much into probing when there is a right place to do that and people to delegate it to.

What I have in mind is that, what happens after the ZTE deal? If GMA is really losing her term, do we get better with whoever gets her seat? I mean let’s face it, whoever sits in the executive seat will still end up nothing and gets nothing because we are already too paranoid with all the cheatings and happenings in politics. Why don’t we just be united and start all over again? That, I think is the best option now. Let’s stop the fight and let the best things to come in our nation. Let your work be worth for all the taxes we, Filipino workers, are paying!

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awful.jpgWhen I was younger, I used to read the Bible. And one of the learnings I got was that we are supposed to be loyal to our government. Whoever is running the government and the country must be given appropriate respect and loyalty for it is the person God entrusted His people to. And listening and watching the reaction of the people during the ouster of House President Jose de Venecia, I took pride of Justice Secretary Gonzales said. He said that..”JDV is my friend but the president is my boss. I work for her, so my loyalty is with her”…

I was never a fan of Secretary Gonzales because I find him arrogant and mean, but I am not a good impressionist. I mistaken him for the firmness he has and for the one-word man that he is. Now, I am a Gonzales believer. I really like this man now and I now believe that the president is right in appointing him as the Justice Secretary of the Philippines for his traits.

Maybe if everyone in the government is like Secretary Gonzales, there will be less conflicts and problems. The problem with our public servants is that they work for their good and their personal vendettas first before they get down to business, if they will ever be.

bad-bunny.jpgIt seems that JDV had kept all those things he said last late Monday in the House. But why is he sourgraping and pointing accusations on the President? It was his own fellows who believed that he is now not capable of the responsibilities due to a House President. Well, I myself think so since I believe that you cannot serve two masters at the same time. Im not sure if his son, Joey, is telling the truth but the fact that he wanted to be a father to his son who is against his master is somewhat a dismay.

I was really stunned and Gonzales is now my idol after he said that …”JDV is my friend but the President is my master, I work for her so my loyalty is in her”. Isn’t that what loyalty really is? I wish JDV can be as firm as the Justice secretary is, but he is not. Now, he is one of those who will endlessly fight against the President. More fights, more problems in the government, no productivity.

Why not instead of quarelling over political issues, work together for the benefit of the Filipinos? All of you promised that you will do everything under your power to make the Philippines a great country, but what all of you are doing is not helpful and in the best interest of the many. Why, JDV, let your son bid for the ZTE when it is against the law? And isnt it very clear that Senator Mirriam Santiago’s claim that these people are just talking against each other because of the spoiled commission they were supposed to bag?

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