ERAP should have been the funniest ex president of all times. He is a sure hit too, should he want to be a comedy actor. Imagine, he told the press in his latest interview that GMA is an illegitimate president!! He is talking about the president who set him free, and since he is claiming that this president is not a true president then it is just right that he be locked in prison once again.

This ex-president has never failed to delight us even with the worst happenings in the government and politics. First, he said he will never ask for pardon. That it is better for him to stay in the country’s jail/s than to ask for pardon from a president who grab power from him. Next, he said that he never steal nor cheat the public and yet he asked for mercy from GMA to free him. And lastly, he is again trying to make a scenario from the recent happenings in the government.

Why can’t ERAP just stick to his words? He said he has no plans to run again, so be it. He said he asked for pardon because he believes he can help more if he is out and be at the side of his failing mother, as well. So be it. Stop making fun of yourself. If you are willing to take a humble suggestion, why don’t you help the government since you are the darling of the press? Why don’t you give more than talking more?

 I am a movie fan of yours, and still is. FPJ, too. But your present ramblings and decisions are confusing me. I hope you can give without thinking of your self just like in your movies. That’s the ERAP I adored and that’s the ERAP I want to keep on adoring.