March 2008


News freak or not, one can identify Jun Lozada. He is the man behind all the tours and school visits against the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He is charming and can cry anytime on camera, gaining a lot of sympathy from the viewing public. He is also backed by almost all opposition senators, politicians, leftists, and rightists because of what he says as ‘he knows about the first family’s alleged participation in the ZTE scam. But we are not born yesterday to believe that this and his celebration will last a lifetime. He is just another ‘man of the hour’ who will end up at the edge of the seat wanting for more.


History will repeat itself and so it does when Lozada’s unending cries over masses are not as attended as before. See what happened in the recent ,a href=””>Easter Mass at St. Josephis College in Quezon Citypamilya.jpg? The thinning crowd is a sign that his followers are now starting to tire of his endless mumbling. He is attacking every palace official he thinks and feels united with his enemies and even accused Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal as the leader of his dreamed ‘Archdiocese of Malacanang’. One can understand how stressed and anxious Lozada may be in unveiling his believed ‘truth’ behind the aborted ZTE deal, but emotions must not be the foundation of his accusations. He must also think and act legibly so that what words he’ll let skip in his mouth is also the ‘truth’.


Jun Lozada holds a very critical role in molding our nation and the youth, so he must be sensible enough in all his doings. He must be responsible enough because many looks up to him and what he will say next. I, for one, want the truth to come out but in a more mature way. Let it be in formal for a, which is already happening now in the Sandigan Bayan and the Senate Blue Ribbon hearings. What’s happening is that after these fora, he unties and took off his suit and leads a weary looking group for sympathy. That’s not how a mature man should behave for me. We are a striving nation with more professionalism and decency in ourselves. But then, it is just an opinion I wish to share with no intention of offense.   


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sunset.jpgOnce again, the saying ‘good things never last’ has proven the truth in it. Our current government situation is just one of the best examples. Most of us thought that we are moving forward; but look, amidst the said economic growth lies the so many problems that can sweep us back to the slumber we’ve been. I may be one of the many who wants the truth to come out but I detest the recent happenings like the ones that used children to serenade the CHED executive and militants making demands.  These, I think, should be limited and call the attention of the appropriate agencies. Can you see? We are the ones who are pulling our feet back to crisis.

I am just one of the so-called ‘online people’ who gets additional income through blogs and online advertisements. We get paid in dollars. So when the dollar exchange is high, we are happier. In the early days, yes! But today, Im not happy anymore because it only means that our economy is getting back to its old situation again. Even if Im earning well in dollars, Im still a Filipino who works like hell and spends it in Filipino rate. This means that my earnings become too small for what it is worth due to the upcoming or already going on inflation. So either we help the government solve its present crisis or all of us sank with it.

when people bump you from the rear, it only proves that you’re still in front of them


That was quoted from former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, now the Republican 2008’s presidential bet. Why its true! No one will be willing to let you enjoy a minute of their time if you are not worthy enough to waste it with. So instead of being worried, be flattered when people talk about you because it only means that you are worth the jealousy that’s eating them.

the best thing to do when this happens is that, you live your life directly in contrast of what they say about you. Live a life that will make other people not believe in what they hear about you. In the end, they become the victims of their own conviction and you won without having to do anything against anybody.

plane.jpgGMA and her family riding in a plane…

GMA: What if I throw a check worth a million out of the window to make at least one Filipino happy?

Mike: Honey, why not throw two checks worth half a million each to make at least two Filipinos happy?

Luli: Mom, why not throw four checks worth quarter a million to make four Filipinos happy?

Finally, her grandchild spoke: Grandma, why not throw yourself out of the window to make all Filipinos happy?

–this was a forwarded message and among the famous jokes in the country today. Sometimes, I feel so proud of being one because of the way we can laugh at the hardships we encounter everyday. But most of the time, I become very sad because we never learned from the past. Until now, we  are very dramatic people. we like to feel and act as if we are always betrayed and wronged. So anytime there is something wrong even in the politics, though how small it is, we always think of the worst that our executives can do to us. We are already paranoid and we can’t seem to forget.

I sometimes think if when will we learn to forgive the past leaders for their wrong doings and move on. It seems that every president or leader we elect, we always doubt that something will be wrong. When will this end and when can we let them work for the good of the nation?

 Look at what’s happening. Government officials are coming to work just to be questioned and judged by the others who came from another group of politicians. Isn’t this the real waste of people money and yet, we let it. One mistake will never be righted by another, let’s bear it in mind…

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