April 2008

Times like this are the lowest points in my life…. It seems I am in a futile battle against myself.


I’m turning a year older tomorrow and I have been reflecting about what I have done and what have I become.. I do this each year, religiously. There are so many good things I can recall doing that have made fruitful by-products. But I have also done as many of the otherwise. So many have crossed me, to which I turned with wrath. But then, it could be the other way, I may have been the one who crossed against the line.


At this point, I can’t help but cry. Cry for the people I have hurt meaninglessly. Cry for the people I should have fun with to this day, but choose to alienate myself. I cry for the moments that I could have been better, but choose to stay as I am. And most importantly, I cried for the person that I could have become….my dreams…..my good intentions……my family……my friends….


But I’m not even half my life. I can still make things better. I can still be the real person I am inside. And the day after tomorrow, I’m going to start my campaign. I’m done with all my pains and heartaches. An hour of hapless cry is enough for this year. I wish people can be nice to me, life in general…but I don’t think so. Life is almost always unfair and that can never be change with all the tears I have shed in my entire life. But that’s what makes life so much more meaningful. And I’m grateful for all the hurt it caused me…I am far braver and wiser now. And whatever life throws on me, I know I can take it standing and smiling……






I have so many plans with my blog site, hoping to improve it so soon so I decided to subscribe for a dsl. Currently, there are three strong competitors for this service in our area which does not include my chosen provider. The first one costs php999 for dsl alone. The second one costs php899 with an option of a landline phone service for another php300, plus an installation fee of php1999. The third is Digitel’s BIDA777 promo for both landline and dsl. I picked the obvious best value for my hard earned money, BIDA777. Believing I really made a good choice, I was happy to pay the php777 and was contented with the 3-day installation grace period to as long as 1 week. Then, their customer service representative was gracious enough to call me, confirming my subscription and promised that my landline and dsl will be installed later in the afternoon. That made me double contented!

But the later became a day and another day so I called them. Another promise went off the line: it will be installed the next day. But the next day went on without a sight of their technicians. Now, I’m disappointed! I sent a message to the sales representative to help me follow up my subscription but what I get is a simple ‘please follow it up in the office; I’m in a different area now’. So I have to call again just to hear another promise: we will follow it up and will make it available before the end of the week. The long week is now over and I’m really furious! My sister is now the one following up because I cannot trust myself to hear yet another promise.

Thanks to my sister’s demanding voice, now I know that they don’t have enough connection port. They are still waiting for supplies and that means I will also need to wait! Gee, don’t these people know the value of SERVICE? Imagine I have been waiting for them to activate my connection which will never happen as of this time because they actually don’t have the capacity and the supply to provide. I hope they had at least called me up. Tell me the truth and assured me of when will be the real time, day, and date the connection will be available so I won’t need to expect. And I thought communication people are great!!???

If there is one thing I really love about Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA), is her firmness amidst all the controversies she had and still is facing. I remembered the first time she went out in public with her famous ‘I am so sorry’ apology in the most contentious presidential election fraud, which she won. There was no admission that there was deceit in her part but just a simple and sincere public apology for the moral issue that it caused. Then, as if nothing happened, businesses resumed on her part and started moving on to her plans and projects.

Again, the Erap Estrada presidential pardon was another controversy that GMA faced firmly. Amidst all the talks of both pro and anti pardon, GMA faced it all when she finally declared pardon to her political rival. Everyone sees it as a political move, of which she strongly denies to be fair and in good faith. Then again, after signing and declaring that the pardon is pushed through, GMA goes back to her silence and move on like nothing happened.

As if all these are not enough, GMA is then again assumed to have knowledge in the ZTE scam. After admitting openly that she had noticed something wrong with the documents, she then again left the public seeking for more. In the middle of senate hearing and the calls for her to resign and step down, she remains firm that she never had anything to do with all these moral issues.

What she does is pursue all her projects that she says will make the country a stable one in terms of economy. And true to that, we are moving on but we have a long way to go; which leads me to think that if we don’t unite then we can’t expect for something better. You see, poverty is always the dark side of a populated country even how big the land area or high the literacy is. So instead of going out and shouting on the street why don’t we just make ourselves busy, like maybe blog? Lol

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