May 2008

Remember the Filipina who managed to call her husband in the Philippines after she got raped by four Arabians? She arrived recently and claimed that all those things she reported about rape was fabricated. She simply want to go home and that was her reason for imagining the rape, which she again and again told the Senator Loren legarda. She claimed all these through writings in the department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

The filipina is yet to be named but sources have claimed that she is an Ifugao. She is now back in her niche but their are still so many speculation about here tale. Some doubted what the Filipina recently announced because her employer have paid her in full and even gave her travelling allowance. I really dont think that a cultural minority will fabricate such a horrible story! What really happened between the employer and the Filipina inside the Police Station after the two were summoned? Will there be any possibility that the Filipina was really a victim? And she chose to keep her silence?

If the gang rape was really a fabricated one, how in the world will a woman vividly relay it over and over again? Why would she let her family, especially her husband and children suffer the unimaginable just to get attention? And how will Senator Loren Legarda will react to these? After what she have done? Going out of her way just to save what she believed was a victim?

Just like so many of you who have followed the story of this overseas domestic worker, I am also wondering what really transpired and what did not. But I dont want to cling on my gut feeling. I think she have all the right to chose which is best for her. I just want to wish her all the luck and the blessing that she mostly needed in facing the following days of her life. The same goes to her family and friends who definitely have the same worries.


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Just like the days that gone by in my life, I commute to work and to anywhere I am headed. Today is one of the significant days that have proven the virtue of being an ignorant –lol– just like any other day, I paid for the minimum fare to the driver. He looked at me over the rear view mirror for a while and wear a smirk. That will never take away the good mood I am wearing because I did a huge breakfast and a nice chat with the rest of the family. Unaware that the fare had already increased of about 25% of the regular fare, I smiled and just listen happily to the music inside the jeepney.

Time passed and other passengers stepped in and let me passed their fare to the driver because I am the nearest to where he is sitting. I was amused to see that they are giving much more than what is supposed to be paid for the whole trip. But then, I just kept the thought to myself anyway that was not my business. Maybe its a lucky day for everyone else, and the driver is not excluded.

When I reached the office, I commanded the driver to stop and started to get off. Once again, I glanced at the driver…guess what!? he’s smirking!! Now, the driver is getting my attention. I looked at my shoes, my dress, and my bag… maybe, something is wrong… Well, there was none so I looked exasperated at the driver and managed a dry, annoying smirk too.

I ascended the stairs to the office happily, thinking I overpowered the smirking driver with my annoying smirk. Then, halley, my officemate asked me how many kilometers there is from my place to the office because the new fare being implemented TODAY!…????? requires an additional peso per kilometer after the first four? Wish I am something but human…maybe an ice so I can melt into something invisible. I pray to God that driver won’t ever see me again but how can that be? Besides, there is the guilty feeling inside not only because I cheated but was rude where in fact, it was my fault.

Sometimes, being ignorant is a virtue but there are times that it isn’t especially in times when we are already affecting somebody else. In this instance, I mistreated the driver who was making a living by commuting passengers. Anyway, i wasn’t aware at all…. still, it is a poor cop-out reason…

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