So sad that another people hero left this world of ambiguity. Anak Pawis Representative Crispin Beltran passed away after falling from the roof of his home in Bulacan. He was doing a repair when the incident happen, which caused severe brain injuries and hemorrhage , plus a heart attack. The entire family and people were grieving for this shocking news as this was truly unexpected. He was even preparing for a privilege speech on Tuesday for power rates and agrarian reform. The family was grief-stricken because there was never a chance left to talk before he died. He left a wife and 11 children.

His wife recounted that the Congressman religiously fixes their home and almost anything every morning. It was a ritual for him that also caused his death. One can remember that the Congressman was among the few who lives simply in a small home. All his life, he never had a better lifestyle than what he happily shared with his family. But even at his level, he was a great husband, father, and grand father to his continually blooming family.

Now that another honest and ideal politician has left us, who will carry on his convictions? They say, and as regulated, it will be the next-in-line. Well, death is never expected and Ka Bel had never betrayed in leaving us. let us just hope and pray that the man to inherit his ideals and ordeals will be as much trusting and responsible as our 75 years old man who fought six decades of his life just to give us our fair share.