June 2008

Early this morning, I woke up and immediately check my emails. And I didnt find what I was expect- the wordpress answer to my support issue. Late yesterday, my blog becomes inactive and that made me feel like–OMG! I really liked this domain and blog site and I hope that they wont terminate my account! So what I did was, I logged on to wordpress and to my account then click the support/ help button.Once again, i entered everything that is needed and send it to the administration. Well, good thing! They replied promptly!

I really do not want this account to go just like that. I think I want to host a domain but not this early, maybe later. I think I made the mistake of posting some paid posts on it, but I am willing to take it all off. I just cannot do it all at once so I am hoping that the admin will not just terminate it. Just give me some time please, and I am sure I will be able to take off all the paid posts.

Gee, I am to thank you of course should you let me have time for this issue. And please, once again, please do not terminate my account. I only need time to do whatever is needed to do.. Pleasee, pleaasseee, pleeaassseeee….


June 29 is coming and Pacquiao vs. Diaz fight will make that date significant. Filipino Manny Pacquiao, the current World Boxing Council (WBC) Super Feather Weight Champion, and Mexican David Diaz, the current World Boxing Council (WBC) Champion will have to face each other in Las Vegas to show the world who will be worthy enough to conquer the boxing world. I think that day will be one of the most important days for Manny Pacquiao who wants to bag every title in the boxing arena. The same with David Diaz who needs to defend his title and prove to the world that he will not fall victim to the ambitions of Pacquiao.

WBC super feather weight Pacquiao will really need to win this fight. First, because it is expected from him. And second, this is what he needs so he can jump and take on the fight he offered to Rick Hatton in the welter weight division come November. That is, if Rick Hatton also wins in his fight in August or September in the same division after he left his title off the ring to his contender Rabah. Good thinking for Pacquiao, oh I mean to his team. A real career path.

WBC light weight Diaz also needs this fight, and of course to win it because he needs to defend his title and go on from there. He might as well move up, just like Manny Pacquiao but for now, he really needs this win to become another viable boxer in the world. Also, it will be a great fame for him because if I remember it right, Pacquiao had beaten so many famous and real great Mexican boxers in the past.

Well, I don’t know where my top dollar goes. But my inclination is to Diaz because I don’t actually like Manny Pacquiao. He is becoming arrogant after each win. Of course he has all the reasons in the world to be but my God, he doesn’t need it! Maybe just a little shame will take himback to wherever he was from. Hey, I am bad huh!? Golly, lol!……

Just as I arrived home, I click on the tv to find the newest in my favorite news channel. Well, nothing is new and I wondered why one would call the war in the Middle East as ‘news’ when they are already tiring in the eyes and ears of every viewing and reading person anywhere in the world.

Today, just like any other days, I get a load of war….war….war stories and bush….bush…bush….If that is not the head of the news, then it will be all the worst things that are happening around the world. Earthquake here, tornado there, heavy rains, here, forest fires there, typoons here, landslides there. Nothing is new and I am beginning to be immuned with the worst scenarios that are happening around me.

Well, try this… Why not feature something light, something that will be a brighter side of all the things that are happening on us. Why not highlight something done by someone that made a good effect or changed the perception on or about something. isn’t that inspiring for all of us who are tired working for 8-9-10 hours a day? this will be something to look forward for, I guess. If not, then maybe these people from the ‘news’ industry might have something more brilliant in mind.

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In case you had not notice, there is something wrong with Asia countries in terms of natural calamities causing tragedies. First, there was Japan, then China, then Myanmar, and just recently, the Philippines. Typhoon Frank left marks int he hearts of many Filipinos because it killed many and ruined as many properties and businesses. For to days, it brough strong winds and heavy rains that have taken toll to all the affected businesses and establishments.

The worst scenario though, is the sinking of a huge boat killing so many people. To date, rescue operations are still going because there are still many passengers and crews missing. Some bodies were lucky enough to be found while still recognizable, but there are many that are not. The government and rescue operation officers finally agreed to use the shores for grave to these.

With the many natural calamities that are taking so many lives, are you convinced that mother Earth is already bringing to life its revenge for all our doings? I think it is time that we analyze and make a change in the way we treat our environment. Sooner or later, typhoons, earthquakes, and other natural calamities will be much stronger than it is now. And when that time comes, I hope and pray that neither of us are still living to see what all these can bring.

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