Poker might be noted as one of the most dangerous game of chance, but still, so many of us are still inot it. But did you know that you can play poker legally? This is by joining Duplicate, the web’s only legal US poker room! Here, you get to play poker against other players at other tables. Isn’t that fun? Well, don’t worry as the site also offers poker tips so you get to learn the trade before you start rolling!

Duplicate is not just another poker room where you get to gamble and win or lose, depending on your luck. The site is committed in turning this game of chance into a recognized sport where the best player, which means the one with the best skill, wins the game. Since it is no longer a game of luck, it is not a gamble. That makes it totally legal.

So if you are just like me who gets bored every now and then with the ordinary games and routines, hop along and let’s get on board with this revolutionary game!