world's smallest teapot
When I opened my email today, I was intrigued by the subject of the new mail in my inbox. It says ‘the smallest teapot’. I thought it was something real small but not as small as what I find in the mail. Whoa! Look at this! I don’t know if the person who sent this, which by the way is a member of fun and fun only, is making fun of me or he really believes that it is the smallest teapot worldwide. Whichever, it really is.

I don’t know if the ‘world’s smallest teapot’ was supposed to be a toy like for example one of the many accessories of something like barbie, or it was really meant to be an artistic display. The teapot is really clean and smooth, looks like the artist really made a good work of art. And also, I don’t know if it can also hold water or it can be used as a boiling pot. If it can be used in both then it must be featured in the Guinness Book of Records for its size and functionality.

Another thing not clear with me is where it came from. It will really be nice to know who made the ‘world’s smallest teapot, and to where or what country it originated. Even though, I still salute and congratulate whoever spearheaded this craftsmanship.