Last June 20, I went to an eye specialist because there is a black dot I’ve been seeing on clear white surfaces. I became worried when he proposed dilution to both eyes. It was a process that uses a drop of a diluting solution so the pupil will enlarge. That way, the doctor will be able to see the back of the retina more clearly. The consequence though is that I will be half blind for nearly 2 hours. But I really wanted to know what’s wrong with my eyes so I conformed to the method. I really felt relieved when the doctor said that there is nothing wrong with me or my eyes, it’s just that I have to rest my eyes once in a while or I can acquire a computer-lens eye glasses. eye glass
I thought the option was not important since nothing is wrong with me. But more than a month after, I am feeling the black dot showing up again especially when I stay too long working on a computer. So I searched for something that will be both stylish and useful, and the web lead me to Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx eyeglasses. I have included a link in case someone out there is also in need of prescribed or fancy eyeglass in as low as $8.

Maybe it’s no longer new to you because a friend of mine told me that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! So maybe you were able to get information and details about it but in case you still want to learn more about its eyeglasses or incredible stylish new frames from Zenni, you can follow the links and let us both acquire eye accessories to keep our eyes in good shape.