November 2008

Who watches Harry and Paul on BBC 2? I don’t but last September 26, which will be September 29 here, an episode about a Filipino domestic helper was shown gyrating in front of her British employers. Members of the 200,000-strong Filipino community in the United Kingdom protested, saying “insulting reference to Filipino women, typifying them in a dual role as domestic workers and sex toys of their British employers.”

Other outraged Filipino community leaders together with hundreds of members picketed last week, October 17, in front of the BBC office in White City. Another group also rallied at Tiger Aspect in Soho, which is situated in central London. Andrew Zane, chief executive of Harry and Paul producer Tiger Aspect Productions apologized to them, saying “We’re sorry to anyone who was in any way offended by the program. This certainly was not our intention.”

These leaders also put up an online petition protesting the same Harry and Paul episode. In three days, the site have gathered more than 2,000 signatures from people of different races feeling the same outrage that Filipinos have all over the world.

Prior to that, Philippine Ambassador to the Court of St. James’s Edgardo Espiritu wrote BBC Trust chairman Sir Michael Lyons expressing how dismayed he is, in behalf of all the Filipinos, over the Harry and Paul episode on October 3. The same letter have reached the BBC Complaints Center, the All Party Parliamentary Group-Philippines and the United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office of Chairman Mark Pritchard, the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission head Sir Trevor Phillips, the Office of Communications (OFCOM|), the independent regulator of the UK communications industries, the UK Press Complaints Commission head Sir Christopher Meyer, London Mayor Boris Johnson, and the UK Secretary of State for Women and Equality Harriet Harman.

In return, a letter of apology dated October 10 that states “Please accept my sincere apologies, on behalf of the BBC, for the offence that this program caused you,” from Thompson reached the Philippine Embassy on October 20.


Nokia have finally launched a solution to the problems of its patrons in Pakistan– the NOKIA 7.65! It says, your days of being afraid in answering your phone in public are finally over! Judging from the picture, it’s going to be the otherwise…

Louisse is an old friend. She’s funny, kind, and a good listener. Months later, she had turned into a stranger. She stopped being the nice person. Or maybe, this is the real LOUISSE.

There are many people going in and out of our lives, and I acknowledge that. I’ve seen too much. But there are people we wish we could keep, and that’s where I classified Louisse. But she is far from being the person I wanted to keep. I’ve lost my faith in her, I guess I can never put my trust in her again that I must let go.

The funny thing is that I’m not at all sad, I’m actually glad I’ve come this far to know the real LOUISSE. I just hope that whatever turned my friend to be the strange person she is to me right now is my fault. I also hope that she finds more friends out there, better if I am at least good to her. Or maybe, she is better off with her old friends, which I find disgusting bunch of loud people. But who knows who’s disgusting to her judgment? Maybe I am… I hope I am.. Because I really want her completely out of my life!