Louisse is an old friend. She’s funny, kind, and a good listener. Months later, she had turned into a stranger. She stopped being the nice person. Or maybe, this is the real LOUISSE.

There are many people going in and out of our lives, and I acknowledge that. I’ve seen too much. But there are people we wish we could keep, and that’s where I classified Louisse. But she is far from being the person I wanted to keep. I’ve lost my faith in her, I guess I can never put my trust in her again that I must let go.

The funny thing is that I’m not at all sad, I’m actually glad I’ve come this far to know the real LOUISSE. I just hope that whatever turned my friend to be the strange person she is to me right now is my fault. I also hope that she finds more friends out there, better if I am at least good to her. Or maybe, she is better off with her old friends, which I find disgusting bunch of loud people. But who knows who’s disgusting to her judgment? Maybe I am… I hope I am.. Because I really want her completely out of my life!