April 2009

pacmanhattonDone with the Mexicans, Pacman now goes west. And who else would he want to fight but the next in line, Ricky Hatton. The man has great background. In his record, he lost only once and that is to the man who also first defeated the golden boy Dela Hoya—Floyd Mayweather. With Floyd retired, Hatton is the best opponent the Pacman can have. Hoorahh, a dream come true! Pacman is set to fight the kid from Russia on May 3, 2009! I am not a fan of any of the fighters but my mind wants the Russian win, although I hated him during his fight with Floyd.
I still could remember when he made his hand slip to hit the black man even during a break. That was the dirtiest tactic I ever seen in major boxing game! So my respect for the guy is a bit low but with Pacman as opponent, I would go for him. Not that I don’t like the ‘pound per pound’ boxer, it’s just that I’ve heard so much about him. Things that indicate the guy have become overconfident. Maybe it was fame or the money he won each fight. And I’m glad he did not win last years election. That move was clever!
But I would say the guy is a clean fighter. He really strives hard for every win. You won’t feel you lost any of the luxury time you spent in each of his game. And for that, I bow to him. I just hope he will go back to the same humbler Pacman I come to know when he was still not so famous.


angels and demonsIf you have watched the Da Vinci Code, you just got to watch Angels and Demons. The movie is almost a sequel to the first movie but does not require any viewer to reminisce its scenes. It is also a reunion for that box office movie star and director Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, respectively. “Angels is also better received by the Vatican, which even received a nice review from its official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. It called the new movie from the same people whom they have criticized so much for Da Vinci “harmless entertainment” and also “gripping” and “a bit of fun.”

With the legendary Star Trek topping the summer movies, earning as high as $80 M, you will expect that this ‘getaway to Rome’ to be within the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd when the returns are tallied. Wolverine will also make it there, which is now at the 2nd position in box office success. Let us just wait for Angels & Demons to be shown all over the world come May 14 and see if it will defeat the earnings of Star Trek and Wolverine or more than the success of the Da Vinci Code.

Photo: MY CINE

birthWhat is P day? If there is May Day, D Day, there just got to be a day for me! The P stands for my name and today is my birthday, is this post so much for that? I’m just so glad to be alive and well today and hoping for more in the coming years! I remember I also post a little message like this last year, so I think IM still going to do the same in the next years to come. Well, why not? One post won’t be so much for someone who made a little space in this domain.

But what really matters to me now is that I have good life and I can help some people around me. I think that is the essence of being alive, with years rolling in front of our eyes. We just don’t have to let it slip with nothing good to talk of. And if only my father is alive, he will again look me in the eye and ask me: ‘hey, what are we going to celebrate your another year? What good have you done this year? Anything else we have to look forward to in the years to come?

But he is not here now but in a better place than I am at. Still, I don’t forget about his teachings and wisdom. It will forever live in my heart and mind. I will continue to be the person not only he wanted for me but the person I really wanted to be: happy and here to make a little difference!

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federerSo, Roger Federer tied the knot finally; was that out of depression? Of course not! Fedex (Federer Express) or the Swiss Maestro did not tied the know with his long time girlfriend out of despair when he lost big time to old time rival Rafael Nadal early this year. He did that because it is time and yes, Mirka is having his baby! That’s just the sweetest news I found in the internet today and man, I’m so happy for my fave Wimbledon player. Oh of course, I also like Andy Murray and leave Rafael Nadal to Owen—lol—sorry, friend…
roger, mirka2
I won’t deny that I felt a little pissed during his match with Nadal this year during the Grand Slam, which lasted about four hours. All 5 sets were in favor of the 22 year old Spaniard and my heart went uh—to slumber to see my fave broke to tears during his runner-up acceptance. That was just not so Swiss Maestro. But who cares anyway? There are more to come this year and besides, the guy has back injuries. Maybe that really did it but if not, it’s still alright. What matters most is at the end he always win the big events. Saw his win last year with Andy Murray? Man, that one was great!
roger, mirka
I just hope that even if he is going to have a family already, we will still get a lot of Fedex moves on the court. He’s just 27 and a lot to come for him. Nadal and Murray, they may be younger guys, but Federer still has so much power to burn in the court. There may even be others to come but there will always be one Swiss Maestro in the court. Besides, professional players can always be great fathers at the same time cant they? Federer@cincinatti07

april-5Getting old makes me a little mushy I guess. Not that I’m not sentimental, but it’s just that I was never close to my papa. Today is his 6th year death anniversary and I just happen to look back at the years when he was still alive. He was the worst father any child could get, but also the best. Kinda confusing, I know but that was how he was. He was a father who wont be there to show you how important you are and the things that happening in your life. But one thing is for sure, he thought me to be the kind of person I am. For that, I really appreciate him.

There are very many kids now who are into different stuffs that are not quite right for them because they have an absentee parents or spoiling mom and dad. But my father, he was really weird. I know in his heart he wants the best for me and my siblings, for the family actually, but he never showed that. He challenged each one of us to stand on our own feet and to become a person with morality. He was, in fact, more of a trainer than a father to us. But guess what? We became good citizens and loving kids to our mother! I think that’s all that matters now.

As I reminisce, I still don’t feel so much for my father but I loved him in a very special way no words can ever express. I still don’t miss him because he was never there for me when he was alive but who cares? I respect him and I still think he should have lived a little longer to see how we, his kids, have become. Love you, pop, no words can ever say… Gee, you hate that pet name please don’t visit me tonight!

crYou never want this thing to happen inside your house, do you? This was taken in India, a country known for its rich culture and population but below average hygiene (at least that is what their own people have to say). There have been so many exotic stories about this country like the mysterious insects that have gotten the lives of some tourists who dined in a fine restaurant. The food was great but the comfort rooms were invaded with some venomous insect that struck and killed them after a day or two. But this thing here, this is really scary! Imagine your comfort room, especially the bowl being lived in by a huge cobra! That is really dangerous— and neglected!
How did this venomous reptile get in the bowl? These are the probabilities: 1.) the comfort room may be dirty even if it looks neat in this picture (or the surroundings of the house or the comfort room). Reptiles are basically in love in wet places so that can explain why this cobra is sitting inside the bowl. 2.) There was something wrong with the plumbing or the sewerage. As a practice, the waste house should be properly built and enclosed. If not, it can easily be housed by these reptiles and the easiest place to get on the ground is the little hole that is your bowl!
You can let this happen to your own comfort room, or you can keep it from happening by cleaning not only the area but the entire surrounding of your home. Doing so will be very beneficial because it will take away all unwanted reptiles and insects from your living place! Wherever there is cleanliness, there will always be healthiness and happiness. So clean up and wake up with confidence that you have a safe home to live in.