pacmanhattonDone with the Mexicans, Pacman now goes west. And who else would he want to fight but the next in line, Ricky Hatton. The man has great background. In his record, he lost only once and that is to the man who also first defeated the golden boy Dela Hoya—Floyd Mayweather. With Floyd retired, Hatton is the best opponent the Pacman can have. Hoorahh, a dream come true! Pacman is set to fight the kid from Russia on May 3, 2009! I am not a fan of any of the fighters but my mind wants the Russian win, although I hated him during his fight with Floyd.
I still could remember when he made his hand slip to hit the black man even during a break. That was the dirtiest tactic I ever seen in major boxing game! So my respect for the guy is a bit low but with Pacman as opponent, I would go for him. Not that I don’t like the ‘pound per pound’ boxer, it’s just that I’ve heard so much about him. Things that indicate the guy have become overconfident. Maybe it was fame or the money he won each fight. And I’m glad he did not win last years election. That move was clever!
But I would say the guy is a clean fighter. He really strives hard for every win. You won’t feel you lost any of the luxury time you spent in each of his game. And for that, I bow to him. I just hope he will go back to the same humbler Pacman I come to know when he was still not so famous.