American Idol
Photo: yahoo news

Who ever thought that Danny Gokey, the 29 year old church music director from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a widower, could be booted out? I mean, he started strong and was actually doing real good but was revealed to get very few votes during the top three. With the guy out, it could only be Adam Lambert or Kris Allen. Let me play a little spooky gypsy here but I think, it will be Lambert for American Idol Eight Season. Why’s that? Because we all know that everybody loves the theater actor so much on top of the fact that he really has the great voice!
Still, I would have loved to see Daniel Jay ‘Danny’ Gokey for the finals. I just think that he has the voice to carry him to stardom but the public have spoken and he is out now. There is nothing I can do about that but one thing is sure. I will still look forward to his career and hopefully get some albums in the future. It may be a little exaggeration but what I think is major studios are onto him and he will really make it big in the industry! Don’t you think that way too?