concert stage designWhat ordinary people care about when a favorite artist does a concert is where to buy a ticket? Nobody really cares about who are beyond the ticket booths, not even who organized the event; how much more on the people who constructed the site or at least the stage. In fact, I am one of the many who do not care about these little details; but who does? That explains why very few, if there really are, knows the Inumerable’s Stage Riggers Incorporated. Manny Inumerable is the pioneer in rigging concert stages for local and international artists in the Philippines.

Humble Beginning

Manny Inumerable graduated with the degree of Civil Engineering from university of Santo Thomas in 1986. Admitting he did not know what to do way back then, he started the EBI Engineering and Construction. Building high rise properties was his forte but considered doing some small time stage rigging as a side line. There was no ‘real’ company that specialized in the area so he took it seriously and learned by observing foreign shows and researching. One of the most memorable ‘gigs’ they had was when they had to rig two events in different venues day after the other. Starting from scratch, they had no moving equipment then. What they did was transfer their equipments from Quirino Grandstand to Manila Hotel relying on sheer brawn. They were almost not granted entry when they arrived at Manila Hotel because securities are big on professionalism. For them, you are professional when you have your own vehicle with big firm name sketched on it. No doubt, a truck was their first investment.

International and Local stage rigged

Stage Riggers, Inc is now the only engineering company that specializes in stage rigging. Manny, together with his sons Ayi and Joel, have built numerous designs and styles of stages for local artists like Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano, Eraserheads, Apo Hiking Society, and Lea Salonga. They have also showcased revolving and flying stages for international ones like the MTV, Metallica, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, and Josh Groban.

Im not known to the Inumerables but Im inspired of their story. I hope there will be more Mannys in the future who knows how to be resourceful in time of need.