Recycling? This kid is a winner! Not even the most talented scientist or environment manager ever thought about the better use of plastic bags than using it as garbage bags, which in turn, adds to the non-biodegradables in our surroundings. But look at this genius! If everyone will start cleaning their used grocery or plastic bags, and use it the way the boy did, we will have less environment wastes! Besides, it will save us from buying swimming wardrobes that will actually be used once or twice. More importantly, it is going to be very easy to reuse or low maintenance. Imagine its wash and wear! recycling

These pictures also show us another thing. If we, adults, try to think the way kids do, then everything will be much easier and faster to process. To think, the environment agencies of our government have been finding ways on how to reuse or recycle these non-biodegradables and here comes this kid with his unique idea. Actually, what I think is: this kid didn’t actually spend a minute to think of what he’s going to do with the excess plastic bags his mother piles up at home. He just saw it and thought it was cool to be useful!

If this is the case, why don’t we just leave some suggestion boxes in every primary school and let the kids do their share? Who knows there might be more meat in them than the rest of us? I’m not kidding; there is nothing wrong if we try this thing. Let’s not be childish and insecure in these trying times. Besides, it is their future that is at stake so let us hear it from them and move on! Maybe they care or if not, let us care on what they have to say. Just a thought, peace!

Special Thanks to the photographer which name appears on each photo!