paradeI feel like a kid trapped in an adult’s body. I wanted to watch parades and collect toys. Today, I am going home because the next day after tomorrow is our town fiesta- and I wanted to be there in time for the parade! I also wanted to play in the small carrousel and Ferris wheel that will be installed for a month-long celebration. Another thing is the food- endless food that will be served at home and all the homes in our neighborhood. I will have the best days of my life once again.

I have to sleep now to wake up early tomorrow and catch my flight. I am not taking a lot, just my back pack and maybe buy a few take outs from the airport stalls. That will be enough although not necessary at all. But it will really make me feel good. I love bringing my mom, siblings, and niece and nephews goodies they love.

I will not take this laptop, not even change clothes because I have enough of that in my cabinet. My mom does not approve taking all my things with me here in my workplace. She wants some at home for ‘emergency purposes’ she says.

I’ll catch some sleep now.