9-11 anniversary8 years ago, in a supposedly ordinary Tuesday morning, almost 3,000 lives were lost in a terrorist attack. September 11 became a significant 9/11, the mark of terrorism in the world’s most powerful country. Years and years after that, the United States of America’s government and countrymen thru the efforts of thousands and thousands of military men and women tirelessly trail terrorists around the world. To date, a huge number of the military, navy, and army are still stationed in the desserts of Iraq and Afghanistan trying to keep terrorists from the soils of Uncle Sam.

People around the world antagonize the doings of the terrorists who have hi-jacked and killed more people than you and I can ever imagine by crashing two planes on two different sites: the twin towers and the pentagon. Aside from these two key institutions, other high rise buildings affected of the fall of the twin skyscrapers also tumbled to dust. Thousands more were injured and the number of fatalities have rise. To this day, there are still a good number of missing persons linked to that act of terrorism. Maybe they will never be found. All the same, may they rest in peace.

The irony is that while the Americas is earning its respect and peace in Uncle Sam’s golden soils, those that are stationed in the Middle East are yet to live in peace. One day, they will also find their peace- when we also bid them their ‘rest in pace’ or should we say ‘rest in pieces’. 8 years may not take the hurt from the hearts and minds of Americans for that fateful act but isn’t it too long to keep the grudge? In those war zones, isn’t it a lot more hurting are being done? Or is it a way to contain the hurt in those lands and act as there had been nothing going on in the land of golden dreams?