February 2010

What reminds you of February 12? Darwin Day, that’s right! But honestly, it is not the evolutionary biologist that gets to my mind every February 12 but monkeys of different kinds until they become…me?
Charles Darwin is the one who have ruined my belief of being molded in perfection using dirt, soil, and whatever there is on Earth long time ago. He is the man who has made me worried each time I went to zoos and wildlife. Remember? You and I are nothing but the highest and intelligent nieces and nephews of those urangutans in chicken wire prisons. Whew!

Kidding aside, Charles Darwin is celebrating his 200th year on Earth if he was alive. But there is no forgetting. People have put up the International Darwin Day Foundation to honor the works of the greatest evolution discoverer of all times. If it happens you are a fan, log on to http://www.darwinday.org/ and learn more about the man. You can also become a contributor or whatever you think will be best for you and the foundation’s interest.


First time in the history of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) that the big winner will be chosen from a big group of 5! From 26 housemates from two different houses, the four-month running reality show is finally approaching its big night. On Saturday, the big winner will be crowned and hopefully become a promising addition to the world of glamour and fame. Will it be Melai, Tibo, Paul Jake, Johan, or Jason? The people will decide, we will decide.

People will have their own bet for big winner like I do. For four months, I probably watched the reality show for at least two months and I found Melai to be really entertaining. During the last days though, she went mushy when Jason started courting her. She also went limp during the last tasks in the house. But during the competition for the big winner slot, she again proved to be the strong lady amidst all conditions that a Filipina is known for. She definitely is a good choice for a winner.

But then, I also admired Tibo for his resourcefulness and industriousness. What worries me is that he seems to have potential in back fighting his friends, especially Melai. It sends doubt to his truthfulness as if he is doing it to spite his closest rival to stardom.

Paul Jake, though I find him too proud is also a good choice. He is the only person who got the leadership and the balls to stand up for what he believes. He copes well and is always at the top of the situation.

Johan is a cutie but has no leadership.

Finally, dirty and smelly looker Jason. He must be a good choice but has very little patience and courage in proving his worth.

So who do you think is the best choice?