Who can forget the First People Power or the Edsa Revolution that ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos? It was a national happening that showed Filipinos are democracy-loving people. No one is going to forget that, but few will celebrate it nowadays unlike the good old days.

One of the reasons cited for the absence of many personalities in the 3-day celebration is that they are engaged in other events. Come to think of it, after the government have made the day a holiday, they are still out for their own personal engagements? Isn’t it more truthful if we say that they have already lacjed the interest to celebrate something that had been part of our history? Besides, Filipinos are basically ‘ningas kugon’.

The forgetfulness to show up in the celebration may also be caused by confusion. Just imagine, the real date of the People Power Revolution is February 26. That should fall on a Thursday but instead, the government moved it to the nearest Monday. I myself forgot that Monday was a holiday and filed a vacation leave to file for a HDMO loan. I was surprised no one was in the office at the first day of the week!

Or maybe, it is just the timing. People have already felt tired of the celebration for 28 years now. The fact that it is celebrated by a government that most of the countrymen despised. If that is the case, isn’t it better to be at home and spend the day with the family?

Anyway, whatever reason/s they have, we can’t oblige the People Power Revolution personalities to be there. We are living in a democratic country, isn’t that what this revolution was all about?