May 2010

‘The best things in life are for free’ struck me this morning as I was sitting and waiting in vain for my loan to be released. It was a grueling three-hour wait when I saw a priceless thing right in front of me, a meter away from me down on the floor. Trying hard to make out what it is, as I move slowly to see it more clearly, the biggest smile of my life formed on my face stretching my lips for the first time in three hours.

It was false teeth that apparently fell down from the agape sleeping woman two rows in front of me! It was rude of me but I can’t help laughing, first in silence and then louder in the comfort room. When I went back inside, my seat was already taken but I am already feeling good. It was funny but it was more than a relief to know that I am still lucky to be just losing my three hours of the day,

Inspired, I approached the teller and asked about the release of my loan why the release is taking too long. Good for me I did that because my release papers were ‘misplaced’. I wonder if that woman, sleeping there with her mouth open and false teeth already on the floor is also trapped in the bureaucracy of the government. I’ll never know, I need to hurry before the bank close down today.


If these beauties will be in a battle, will they be treated just like men?

The new breed of soldiers in Algeria..

In Austria..

The Belgian Soldier..

The sweet soldier of Brazil

Made in China soldier

The Czech Republic airborne

the modern Mademoiselles of france

the indonesian beauty in uniform

Aldente Italian soldier

the beauty in ROMANIA

there is sweetness in Russian troops

Will cruelty come its way to this Spaniard beauty?

The Sweden braves

And of course, the american lady soldier

Really, what if the force provide lambo police cars to new recruits? Say, those that are assigned to aid the traffic? Definitely, the less chosen division of the polizia will get the highest number of applicants! Imagine if you can drive around a beauty like this..

with the amenities you thought impossible

Who’s to blame you if you want to cruise the streets all day and all night long?

But everyone’s eyes will be on you if it ends up in this situation…

The May 10 election should have been a neat proceeding if everyone has followed the rules. I have seen a number of elections but this one, I think is the worst. What can you say about BEI’s who wore ballers of their favorite candidate? Isn’t that the worst of its kind? And even some election organizations that are supposed to be role models for being non-partisan are even clad in yellows with vulgar prints!

I wonder where the real essence of non-partisan election has gone. It should’ve been more understandable if the doers are the people or the voters, but the BEI? It just isn’t forgivable. I’m just hoping that these people know what they are doing and what they did is irreparable in the eyes of the young voters and the voters in the future.

This display of arrogance should open our eyes of what kind of leaders we will vote for. But if, and even with this malicious display of disgrace, the yellow one still gets the lead, then this speaks of our values.

In a latest survey by Campaigns & Images Group (CIG), Gibo Teodoro tops the in April 19 to 23 Cebu surveys. Gibo ranked first across different age groups. Here is a summary of the survey I got from

Ages 18-28 29-39 40-51 52 + VOTERS
25.0 % 15.8 % 6.1 % 4.1 % 51.0 %
Teodoro 33% 19% 18% 28% 26%
Aquino 21% 7% 19% 18% 16%
Villar 32% 15% 15% 30% 25%
All others 14% 59% 48% 24% 33%
100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Voters Voters Voters Voters Voters
Teodoro 8,250 3,002 1,098 1,148 13,498
Aquino 5,250 1,106 1,159 738 8,253
Villar 8,000 2,370 915 1,230 12,515
All others 3,500 9,322 2,928 984 16,734
25,000 15,800 6,100 4,100 51,000