The May 10 election should have been a neat proceeding if everyone has followed the rules. I have seen a number of elections but this one, I think is the worst. What can you say about BEI’s who wore ballers of their favorite candidate? Isn’t that the worst of its kind? And even some election organizations that are supposed to be role models for being non-partisan are even clad in yellows with vulgar prints!

I wonder where the real essence of non-partisan election has gone. It should’ve been more understandable if the doers are the people or the voters, but the BEI? It just isn’t forgivable. I’m just hoping that these people know what they are doing and what they did is irreparable in the eyes of the young voters and the voters in the future.

This display of arrogance should open our eyes of what kind of leaders we will vote for. But if, and even with this malicious display of disgrace, the yellow one still gets the lead, then this speaks of our values.