Southwest of Kunning, the capital city of Yunnan Province is the Dongchuan Red Land. It is nothing but a name on a China map but far more beautiful than any man-made nature attractions in life. The reason it is not in any destinations map of China? Lack of infrastructure, transportation, and lodging facilities made the place of color collections almost impossible to reach.

At 2600 feet above sea level, the Red Land is a remote area, even its people are not aware how beautiful their land is! Some very adventurous people were not so greedy, though, sharing us some of the most mesmerizing photos of the land.

The color of Dongchuan is like a painting but it has a scientific explanation. The red soil is the result of years of oxidation of iron and other metallic minerals found in its contents. The colors were of course, the crops grown in the town. Among are potatoes, oats, corn, oil flower, and other types of vegetables.

The Red Land is best in mid November, where its different hues are at full. This one is taken in September when the oil flowers are at its best, covering the reddish land white.

A town in Dongchuan:

On a perfect day, Donkeys offer rides

The beautiful colors in Dongchuan blends perfectly with the hues of sunset..

Today, Dongchuan Red Land is renamed Lexiaguo, meaning the place where beautiful colors set. It is intended to promote the land’s tourism.