August 2010

Miss Philippines Venus Raj takes the Philippines to the top 10 of the prestigious Miss Universe 2010 as of posting. It is not certain if she is already aware of what is happening in her country but she knows that her best friend, Melody Gersbach died last Saturday in a vehicle accident. She was shaken of the news but still holds out pretty nicely. Taking her country to top 10 proves how strong and courageous the young Filipina is.

We hope she wins because the Philippines needs her in promoting the country after what happened at the Quirino Grandstand yesterday. As we await the top 5, we also hope for the peace in the country and the world.


The Hong Thai bus standoff yesterday was a mirror of how the Philippines can handle a very bad hostage situation. The hostage drama was on for 10 hours, the negotiator was not at all persuasive, and the worst, the police seemed not ready. ABS-CBN media men were even caught live laughing and swearing when a round of shooting happened.

The Negotiator

In any hostage drama, the negotiator has to be very sincere and persuading with an eye for the smallest detail. In this case, Chief-negotiator Orlando Yerba Jr should have been the man for the job but what went wrong? The negotiator basically failed to give former Police Superintendent Ronaldo Mendoza the hope he needs. He also failed to establish an ocular inspection on-site. In fact, he forgot to instruct the police that the bus has a television where the aggressor might be able to see what’s happening around him. He might have even seen how his brother was forcefully arrested, provoking his temper.

Too Long a Drama

The Hong Thai bus full of Hong Kong nationals and 4 Filipinos were supposed to visit the Manila Ocean Park around 10 in the morning before former Police Superintendent Ronaldo Mendoza alight and took over. Negotiations started and ended with no promise of hope for the aggressor, who set a 3 p.m. dead lock. The deadline extended again and again, but it was at 8:30 in the evening when the police decided to seize the bus.


It was a hostage drama turning into a comedy when the police started to move around before it ends up into a blood bath. Some questions are in my mind: 1) why did the police waited for nighttime to operate when they know, if former Police Superintendent Ronaldo Mendoza was serious and dangerous, will be to their disadvantage? 2) Why are they not in battle gears? 3) Did they learn to tie a rope in the training? 4) Why do they cluster around and not taking the situation seriously? 5) Was there a commanding officer in the site? Where’s that guy?

Freedom, oh freedom

You want to be free as a bird? Two things: be a Filipino and become a media man

Moms would not want their kids stripped off their dad’s name but not in the case of Kris Aquino. In fact, she is really filed a motion that will take the Yap off from their only son. What could have fueled this desire? Is it part of the plan of securing the family name for baby James political career or pure greed?

Remembering that Kris Aquino is among the most influential showbiz personality today and how she prepped up his brother to win the presidency might have gotten into her head. She might have realized how influential their family name had been and still is. His brother at 50, still a bachelor, and has never been heard of to do something extraordinary throughout his political career is now Pnoy—thanks to Kris and the legacy of being born an Aquino. He might not marry and surrounded with married sisters, there’s no one else to bear the family’s name. If the courts decide to favor Kris, baby James might be in what his uncle always says ‘matuwid na daan’ (right path). Clever!

Another reason I can think of is pure greed. Remember how Kris Aquino damaged the political and showbiz career of her ex-lover Joey Marquez? She appeared on tv, crying and looking helpless after Marquez left her. She claimed that Marquez infected her with a sexually transmitted disease (STD), which drama-loving Filipinos that we are, accepted and sided with her. Even not proven, this has sent Marquez to bonkers. Now, she wanted to do it all again—by coming forward and announcing to the public how James had been unfaithful in their marriage. Seeing James unaffected, she now wants to hurt the ego of his ex-husband by taking off his last name from their son and claiming their marriage is null. Ill advised by her lawyers or being a brat?