September 2010

1. Die Hard 2- John McClane (Bruce Willis) is at odds with terrible mercenaries who take over an airport’s communication system, who threatens to make the planes crash if they don’t get what they want
2. Lost, Season 1- Show begins with a plane crash and a bunch of people trying to survive on a deserted island.
3. Snakes on a Plane- 2 reasons: 1- killer reptiles on the flight, 2- bad movie
4. Turbulence- a stewardess needs to fly a plane overrun by criminals, ward off a serial killer, and touch down in LA just in time for the Christmas holidays
5. Fearless- this 1993 film features every graphic and traumatizing plane crash scene which max Klein (Jeff Bridges) survives. It eventually changes him into someone who feels indestructible.


Christmases and New Years have always been the same through the years: the happy holiday shopping, jolly people everywhere, yummy food here and there, fireworks, and the gory news next day. Because of this, our nurses and doctors can’t enjoy the holidays just like any of us. They are ‘on floor’ all throughout the time while the rest of us enjoy the holidays. They are ready in doctors’ or nursing uniforms, waiting for the worst.

In some hospice, administrators will also try to make a little variation in respect to the holidays by simply allowing lighter apparel. Some allows their personnel to use the nursing scrub top only while others will go as far as ordering a new set of hospital uniform scrubs.

Some professional medical practitioners also allow their profession to jive with the holiday by getting new custom pairs of medical scrubs. This way, even with the worry of having another gory emergency rooms after the holidays, they too have their own little way of sharing the happy season with the rest of us!