Miss Philippines Venus Raj takes the Philippines to the top 10 of the prestigious Miss Universe 2010 as of posting. It is not certain if she is already aware of what is happening in her country but she knows that her best friend, Melody Gersbach died last Saturday in a vehicle accident. She was shaken of the news but still holds out pretty nicely. Taking her country to top 10 proves how strong and courageous the young Filipina is.

We hope she wins because the Philippines needs her in promoting the country after what happened at the Quirino Grandstand yesterday. As we await the top 5, we also hope for the peace in the country and the world.


Freedom to every Filipino here and abroad! It is the 112th celebration of the Philippines Independence Day and it started real early! Aside from not enjoying a holiday (since the government moved the holiday on Monday in connection to the economic holiday RAs), I have no much complaint. The metro rail trains are free from 7 to 9 am today and later at 5 to 7 pm. It is going to be a busy day anyway, traffics everywhere as the celebration will be in hosted in different areas in the metro. Being in the office with free air con, coffee and water, and internet connection is a better treat!

I contented myself with reading some tweets and news. At 7 am, the outgoing President offered flowers to the National Hero monument in the Rizal Memorial Park. The Philippine flag was raised simultaneous with those in Kawit Cavite, attended by Justice Secretary Renato Corona, and in Caloocan by Metropolitan Manila Development Authority chairman Oscar Inocentes. The opening ceremonies, including that of the President’s Independence Speech, will be held there.

At 3 am, a parade will commence. There will be 10 floats that will showcase the administration’s 10-point agenda. These will showcase the country’s “global achievers” including CNN hero Efren Peñaflorida, beauty pageant titlists, sports achievers, Finance Secretary Margarito Teves, and former education secretary Jesli Lapus.

A 30-minute firework display will follow shortly after the parade, which will also represent the closing of the celebration. The official holiday will be enjoyed on Monday, June 14, 2010.

‘The best things in life are for free’ struck me this morning as I was sitting and waiting in vain for my loan to be released. It was a grueling three-hour wait when I saw a priceless thing right in front of me, a meter away from me down on the floor. Trying hard to make out what it is, as I move slowly to see it more clearly, the biggest smile of my life formed on my face stretching my lips for the first time in three hours.

It was false teeth that apparently fell down from the agape sleeping woman two rows in front of me! It was rude of me but I can’t help laughing, first in silence and then louder in the comfort room. When I went back inside, my seat was already taken but I am already feeling good. It was funny but it was more than a relief to know that I am still lucky to be just losing my three hours of the day,

Inspired, I approached the teller and asked about the release of my loan why the release is taking too long. Good for me I did that because my release papers were ‘misplaced’. I wonder if that woman, sleeping there with her mouth open and false teeth already on the floor is also trapped in the bureaucracy of the government. I’ll never know, I need to hurry before the bank close down today.


‘Visit your dead loved ones or they come and visit you’. Of course it is a joke. For someone who really has a close relative for a ‘dead loved one’ like me, it’s eerie. You see, one of my numerous worries is ghosts or just anything that is supernatural. But I have too many financial obligations to spend a couple of thousands or more for my fare. Still, I asked my mom who have always been so encouraging and kind in her more than 60 years in this life. Oh, she has to know because our dead loved one is my father. That should explain my anxiousness.

Not wanting my mom to worry about me, I omitted the real reason for my indecision. As if nature is on my side, an approaching storm will hit region where my point of business is located. That made a very persuading reason. There is no doubt too that my mom will agree even if I don’t have any valid reason. She is just the best mom in the world; she will still stick with her kids even if I had the worst sickness in the world. In short, I did not go home and is now writing this thing.

In her nice, maternal voice, my mom just asked me to attend a mass and pray. That I should not forget about sticking a candle for my deceased pop, my brother, and my granny. I was even afraid if she will also ask me to do the same with what she often called ‘Laudati’ for whatever that means but she did not. I did all that and even lighted 3 more candles at the front of our main door.

I am relieved but I found out later that I can’t keep my mind from what we should have done as a family in honoring our dead loved ones. In two weeks, I am going home to do just that.


There’s another long weekend to look forward to at the end of November. The President has declared November 27 and 28 as National holidays in the observance of the Muslim’s Eidl Adha or the Feast of the Sacrifice, an Islamic culmination of Harirya Hajj or the pilgrimage to Makka (Mecca) of Saudi Arabia. Since the following day will be Sunday, that is going to be a great three days vacation. But wait, November 30 is also a regular holiday in celebration of the Bonifacio day. What we got, both the public and private sectors, is a clean four days of grand vacation!
The proclamation has been made after consulting the department of labor and business groups. It is expected though, that there will be some reactions to these very long vacation. In fact, since it has been announced too early, it is not far from possible retraction once the affected parties have already voiced out their objection to this new holiday proclamation. That is going to be natural because long vacations in the past have really garnered a lot of criticisms.

Of course, for employees like me, I would want it to be pushed through. I can really use some vacation before the Christmas season kicks in. These four days ahead will do me a lot of good and hopefully, everyone else. To the employers, it is going to be a real different story. Let us just hope that in the end, best decisions will be made for the best interest of everyone.

eid al fitrSeptember 21 is another off-work as President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declares it an official holiday. The non-working holiday is in connection to the celebration of Eid Al Fitr or the end of Ramadan. This signifies the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Since the PGMA’s take over, more and more holidays are being declared. Although the good President meant good, it seems government service hours are becoming less. Sometimes, we can just wonder how much work they do and if they are still able to meet whatever required tasks they need to fill.

To private workers, these new holidays mean additional pays and that is good. Since it is a non-working holiday, they will receive double pays if they go to work. If they don’t, they still get paid full. But to the employers, this is another bad news. These are additional disruptions to the business and are equivalent to operation expenses and overheads.

For me, this is going to be another sleep-til-you-drop day, so it is definitely good news!

9-11 anniversary8 years ago, in a supposedly ordinary Tuesday morning, almost 3,000 lives were lost in a terrorist attack. September 11 became a significant 9/11, the mark of terrorism in the world’s most powerful country. Years and years after that, the United States of America’s government and countrymen thru the efforts of thousands and thousands of military men and women tirelessly trail terrorists around the world. To date, a huge number of the military, navy, and army are still stationed in the desserts of Iraq and Afghanistan trying to keep terrorists from the soils of Uncle Sam.

People around the world antagonize the doings of the terrorists who have hi-jacked and killed more people than you and I can ever imagine by crashing two planes on two different sites: the twin towers and the pentagon. Aside from these two key institutions, other high rise buildings affected of the fall of the twin skyscrapers also tumbled to dust. Thousands more were injured and the number of fatalities have rise. To this day, there are still a good number of missing persons linked to that act of terrorism. Maybe they will never be found. All the same, may they rest in peace.

The irony is that while the Americas is earning its respect and peace in Uncle Sam’s golden soils, those that are stationed in the Middle East are yet to live in peace. One day, they will also find their peace- when we also bid them their ‘rest in pace’ or should we say ‘rest in pieces’. 8 years may not take the hurt from the hearts and minds of Americans for that fateful act but isn’t it too long to keep the grudge? In those war zones, isn’t it a lot more hurting are being done? Or is it a way to contain the hurt in those lands and act as there had been nothing going on in the land of golden dreams?

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