Today is the second day of the year 2012. I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year!


– Author of Cutting the Crap



Some feel that problems exist only in childhood or at early stage of life like this…

Some feel that problems exist only when we disturb someone like this..

Some feel that problems exist only when we are ready to take anything like this ..

Some feel that problems exist only when we do things blindly like this..

Some feel that problems exist only when we dare to enter a trap like this ..

Some feel that problems exist only when we are in love with someone like this

Some feel that problems exist only when we try to aim at very huge things like this..

Finally, my brother is no longer interested with illegal motor racing and got a new pink Yamaha Mio. The little ride is cool with its perfect sized seats and bigger utility box. It also has a nicer and safer foot rest where mud and water splashes had no way of dirtying riders’ feet. But it is cooler living legally. National statistics show that 49 out of a thousand participants in illegal races are injured. In 2001 alone, 49 deaths were connected to these activities. So you can just imagine our relief when my brother finally drops his interests to big, ear shattering DTs.

Only problem is, he had converted my Honda Wave S. It now sports street illegal mufflers. But we already had an agreement on that. He has to put everything he has replaced in that nice bike back before the holidays. That way, I can make use of it when I get home for the holiday vacation. That task will also make it safer and look better. We also agreed that he put up a garage for his motorbikes. Our little porch now looks like a showroom. Not that I don’t like it, the crowding little rides just make our little home a lot smaller!

Today is the special day for lovers. You will be seeing and tolerating until your own heart aches a lot of paired lovers doing what lovers do best. For sure, there will be the normal ‘candle lighting’ galore on almost all restaurants who want to look like one of the best fine dines in town. Some have even come up and imitated the ‘lovapalooza’, which is the smooching of couples underneath the big bright heart in the order of some matron or emcee doing his job. But for singles like me, I usually dubbed February 14 as the International Singles Day—lols—
Singles do not have to despise Valentine’s Day as long as they are happy, like I am. I do not have somebody to cuddle with or to spend the early evening with in a candle lit room with the rest of the lovers in town but I love this day. I usually treat myself to whatever I want to eat but trying my best not to over eat. I also love watching couples by the parks, enjoying the day and afternoon with the rest of the family. Way back in my real home, I would ask the family out. A dine with the ones you love will always be a great thing to do.
My activities during the singles day is not actually planned, they just puff out of somewhere. I even think February 14s are some sort of a rest day for everyone. In my younger days, I would even plan for something daring, like trek a place I have never been or climb a mountain to spend an afternoon for a splash in the cool spring water or falls. Now that I am already in the city and there are less places to go but malls and parks, I just eat out and maybe have a good chat with friends or colleagues.

I am! Finally, WordPress gave me back the freedom to use my site after a month! Well, it was all my fault, I was supposed to follow the guidelines in publishing posts. But anyway, the good thing is that I already have my blog back. Now, I can again write and publish directly and without the ‘reviewing’ panel on my page. That was a real trouble! Imagine, I will write a post and after that, I cannot publish it directly! Instead of the publish button, a ‘review’ button is in place and I have to go through that. I really thought, I will forever lose this blog.

I just get it back and thanks to the many customer service people who patiently replied and helped me get my blog back. I cannot remember everyone but ANTHONY was the last one who made a suggestion and comment on how I can earn my blog back. Thank you, really! I hope you will continue helping other bloggers like me… THanks, thanks!

Early this morning, I woke up and immediately check my emails. And I didnt find what I was expect- the wordpress answer to my support issue. Late yesterday, my blog becomes inactive and that made me feel like–OMG! I really liked this domain and blog site and I hope that they wont terminate my account! So what I did was, I logged on to wordpress and to my account then click the support/ help button.Once again, i entered everything that is needed and send it to the administration. Well, good thing! They replied promptly!

I really do not want this account to go just like that. I think I want to host a domain but not this early, maybe later. I think I made the mistake of posting some paid posts on it, but I am willing to take it all off. I just cannot do it all at once so I am hoping that the admin will not just terminate it. Just give me some time please, and I am sure I will be able to take off all the paid posts.

Gee, I am to thank you of course should you let me have time for this issue. And please, once again, please do not terminate my account. I only need time to do whatever is needed to do.. Pleasee, pleaasseee, pleeaassseeee….