butterfly-on-blu-world.jpgBicol is one of the country’s most vulnerable to climate change, which is why we experience so many typhoons and other calamities. The Mt Mayon vulcanic waste deposits also post threats to us. That is why in response to our Government’s plea to take action and support the climate adoptation program, I am also taking little steps in helping out. You see, if only each one of us will plant at least one tree or just plain and simple, a plant, it will surely help regain our severed natural resources.

Fossil fuel will take a long time, more than one lifetime to be replaced so it is a must for us that we also do our own simple part in making our region a nature and green place to live in, not only for our sake and for our children’s sake, but for all the generations that will still come after our’s.

And for me, I will start by making my home a green place to live in. I will also buy things that are not made fron CFC. I will also limit my consumption of smaller packages and concentrate on bigger ones so my wastages will not be bulky, especially with plastics and styrofoams. If I can, I will not patronize restaurants and food places who are catering in disposables as these are also additional wastes that are inorganic. If I also can, I will also walk than ride vehicles that consumes inorganic fuel. 

There are still so many things we can do for our nature. Why don’t we all try to take parts? With me and you and your friends and your friends’ friends making such simple changes in  our lifestyles, we surely can make a better world to live in!