crYou never want this thing to happen inside your house, do you? This was taken in India, a country known for its rich culture and population but below average hygiene (at least that is what their own people have to say). There have been so many exotic stories about this country like the mysterious insects that have gotten the lives of some tourists who dined in a fine restaurant. The food was great but the comfort rooms were invaded with some venomous insect that struck and killed them after a day or two. But this thing here, this is really scary! Imagine your comfort room, especially the bowl being lived in by a huge cobra! That is really dangerous— and neglected!
How did this venomous reptile get in the bowl? These are the probabilities: 1.) the comfort room may be dirty even if it looks neat in this picture (or the surroundings of the house or the comfort room). Reptiles are basically in love in wet places so that can explain why this cobra is sitting inside the bowl. 2.) There was something wrong with the plumbing or the sewerage. As a practice, the waste house should be properly built and enclosed. If not, it can easily be housed by these reptiles and the easiest place to get on the ground is the little hole that is your bowl!
You can let this happen to your own comfort room, or you can keep it from happening by cleaning not only the area but the entire surrounding of your home. Doing so will be very beneficial because it will take away all unwanted reptiles and insects from your living place! Wherever there is cleanliness, there will always be healthiness and happiness. So clean up and wake up with confidence that you have a safe home to live in.


These pictures were picked from fun and fun only. Honestly, I do not know if this is true or not. But granting it is, then something is fundamentally wrong. Look, the truck is used in the train track while the train is used in exchange of the truck. Funny, isn’t it? These pictures were taken from India and sent to all members of fun and fun only for fun or for truth, I still don’t know.

I hope this doesn’t happen in our own country. I don’t think such swapping will be quite effective for the functions these transportations are for. Besides, it will be another problem amidst the already surmounting problems and issues being faced by the government as well as the people.


I can’t understand why Peace Talk had not resulted to just what it is expected: peace for everyone. The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the government almost reached the best outcome in the almost done peace talk. But what collapsed the going strong agreement is the contents of the Memorandum of Agreement that should’ve completed the talks for peace. This is because some of the lands that were already given to MILF were then again included in the MOA. Knowing MILF, they will never vow to these agreements.

True to that, the MILF leaders did not sign the MOA and the peace talks went into the waste bins. What a mess and waste of time, effort, and people money! I don’t understand why there were some errors, if you can call that errors in the least, in the areas and lands to be awarded and not to be awarded with our Moslem brothers. Isn’t it that before these papers or orders go through so many revisions and checkings by top caliber government lawyers? Then why errors like these, which I do not know if honest mistakes or not, are overlooked? Shouldn’t all these things are checked and filtered? Or, are they really overlooked?

I have here a simple pdf file that contains the worsening happenings in our environment. This is one of the major reasons why we founded an environmental club which we have named Young Professional Environment Club or simply YPEC. Such scenarios are expected to continue in a new level, which we hope will of course not happen. To date, we are experiencing so many calamities that ranges in intensity and wasting a lot of both manmade and natural wonders in our planet. On top of that are the million of lives claimed, as well as establishments and institutions.
Be one of us in your small way because we know you also want to stop the Global Warming that is becoming prevalent nowadays. Why not plant trees, herbs, or even flowering plants? If you think you can’t because you live in suburbs or you own a business establishment in the city, you are dead wrong. You can make or acquire planters where you can plant your share of greens. THat way, you can even better the appearance of your place. It can also look as a decoration in less the investment.

If you are a student or a kid, you can still do your share by simply not buying or eating in fastfoods or restaurants that are serving in styros. A lot of environment friendly places are now using wares and porcelain to ensure that they don’t compromise the environment by stocking a lot of non-biodegradable wastes. Also, paper is not a good substitute for styro and plastic because it will then again cost a lot of trees to produce disposable paper containers and napkins. But since that cannot be taken away completely, at least use it in moderations. In any occasion, paper are far better than plastics because these can be biodegraded.

Tell your mommies too that they can also help by buying big containers of shampoos, lotions, spices, water, and everything for the house. This will keep you all from making too much garbage.

I have once seen a table about human organs and their function timing, which I have also posted in colourblind. I think this table is far better than that and I posted it in here because I believe that there are more readers who need to know about these facts. I really hope this will us all.

Early this morning, I woke up and immediately check my emails. And I didnt find what I was expect- the wordpress answer to my support issue. Late yesterday, my blog becomes inactive and that made me feel like–OMG! I really liked this domain and blog site and I hope that they wont terminate my account! So what I did was, I logged on to wordpress and to my account then click the support/ help button.Once again, i entered everything that is needed and send it to the administration. Well, good thing! They replied promptly!

I really do not want this account to go just like that. I think I want to host a domain but not this early, maybe later. I think I made the mistake of posting some paid posts on it, but I am willing to take it all off. I just cannot do it all at once so I am hoping that the admin will not just terminate it. Just give me some time please, and I am sure I will be able to take off all the paid posts.

Gee, I am to thank you of course should you let me have time for this issue. And please, once again, please do not terminate my account. I only need time to do whatever is needed to do.. Pleasee, pleaasseee, pleeaassseeee….

Just as I arrived home, I click on the tv to find the newest in my favorite news channel. Well, nothing is new and I wondered why one would call the war in the Middle East as ‘news’ when they are already tiring in the eyes and ears of every viewing and reading person anywhere in the world.

Today, just like any other days, I get a load of war….war….war stories and bush….bush…bush….If that is not the head of the news, then it will be all the worst things that are happening around the world. Earthquake here, tornado there, heavy rains, here, forest fires there, typoons here, landslides there. Nothing is new and I am beginning to be immuned with the worst scenarios that are happening around me.

Well, try this… Why not feature something light, something that will be a brighter side of all the things that are happening on us. Why not highlight something done by someone that made a good effect or changed the perception on or about something. isn’t that inspiring for all of us who are tired working for 8-9-10 hours a day? this will be something to look forward for, I guess. If not, then maybe these people from the ‘news’ industry might have something more brilliant in mind.