Jerry Brown filed a 12-page petition to the Los Angeles Superior Court against, asking the high court to suspend Michael Jackson’s former doctor from practicing medicine. His basis was that “(The) Defendant is alleged to have administered a lethal dose of propofol and other powerful drugs to patient M.J., which resulted in the patient’s death. The exercise of such poor professional judgment and placing the life of a patient in jeopardy requires that the (California Medical) Board take measures to protect the public from future harm.”

Murray, who faces involuntary manslaughter charges is on a $75,000 bail and if this petition materializes, loses his license temporarily while the charges are being heard. The defendant, with his army of legal defense team, is still denying the whole thing. The doctor pleads not guilty and tells the police he is not the only doctor who gave the late King of Pop propofol to help him sleep.

Brown’s intention is tainted though, as he seeks the Democratic nomination for Governorship. Brown was a former California governor and has waged campaign against doctors over-prescribing drugs. He has been investigating high-profile cases such as that of Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith and actor Corey Haim. Both deaths were related to prescription drug overdose.