I’ve missed the Tony’s this year, as well as the Teens Choice Awards night but I did manage to get the list of the winners–thanks to the award site! Here it is:

Choice Music Group: One Direction

Choice Summer Tour: One Direction

Choice Single by a Group: “Live While We’re Young,” One Direction

Choice Love Song: “Little Things,” One Direction

Choice Movie Actress – Comedy: Rebel Wilson, “Pitch Perfect”

Choice Movie Actor – Comedy: Skylar Astin, “Pitch Perfect”

Choice Movie – Comedy: “Pitch Perfect”

Choice Movie Villain: Adam DeVine, “Pitch Perfect”

Choice Breakup Song: “Come and Get It,” Selena Gomez

Choice Music Star – Female: Selena Gomez

Choice Hottie – Female: Selena Gomez

Choice TV Show, Drama: “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice Summer TV Show: “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice Summer TV Star – Actress: Lucy Hale, “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice Summer TV Star – Actor: Keegan Allen, “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice TV Actor – Drama: Ian Harding, “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice TV Actress – Drama: Troian Bellisario, “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice TV Villain: Janel Parrish, “Pretty Little Liars”

Choice Athlete – Female: Gabby Douglas

Acuvue Inspire Award: Nick Jonas

Choice TV Show – Comedy: “Glee”

Choice TV Scene Stealer – Male: Chord Overstreet, “Glee”

Choice TV Breakout Star: Blake Jenner, “Glee”

Choice TV Actress – Comedy: Lea Michele, “Glee”

Choice Movie Actor – Drama: Logan Lerman, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Choice Movie – Drama: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Choice Female Artist: Demi Lovato

Choice Single – Female Artist: “Heart Attack,” Demi Lovato

Ultimate Choice Award: Ashton Kutcher

Choice TV Actor – Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Ian Somerhalder, “The Vampire Diaries”

Choice TV Actor – Comedy: Jim Parsons, “The Big Bang Theory”

Choice TV Actress – Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Nina Dobrev, “The Vampire Diaries”

Choice Rock Group: Paramore

Choice Summer Song: “We Can’t Stop,” Miley Cyrus

Candie’s Fashion Trendsetter Award: Miley Cyrus

Choice TV Scene Stealer – Female: Miley Cyrus, “Two and a Half Men”

Choice Breakout Group: Emblem3

Choice Summer Music Star: Bruno Mars

Choice R&B Artist: Bruno Mars

Choice TV Actor – Action: LL Cool J, “NCIS: Los Angeles”

Choice Music Breakout Artist: Ed Sheeran

Choice TV Personality – Female: Demi Lovato, “The X Factor”

Choice Summer Movie Star – Female: Sandra Bullock, “The Heat”Choice Movie Chemistry: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, “The Heat”

Oh! And I heard Ashton Kutcher gave a very good advice to teens during his speech, plus Lea Michele dedicated hers to Cory Monteith. Lovely!


First time in the history of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) that the big winner will be chosen from a big group of 5! From 26 housemates from two different houses, the four-month running reality show is finally approaching its big night. On Saturday, the big winner will be crowned and hopefully become a promising addition to the world of glamour and fame. Will it be Melai, Tibo, Paul Jake, Johan, or Jason? The people will decide, we will decide.

People will have their own bet for big winner like I do. For four months, I probably watched the reality show for at least two months and I found Melai to be really entertaining. During the last days though, she went mushy when Jason started courting her. She also went limp during the last tasks in the house. But during the competition for the big winner slot, she again proved to be the strong lady amidst all conditions that a Filipina is known for. She definitely is a good choice for a winner.

But then, I also admired Tibo for his resourcefulness and industriousness. What worries me is that he seems to have potential in back fighting his friends, especially Melai. It sends doubt to his truthfulness as if he is doing it to spite his closest rival to stardom.

Paul Jake, though I find him too proud is also a good choice. He is the only person who got the leadership and the balls to stand up for what he believes. He copes well and is always at the top of the situation.

Johan is a cutie but has no leadership.

Finally, dirty and smelly looker Jason. He must be a good choice but has very little patience and courage in proving his worth.

So who do you think is the best choice?

perseidIf the weather will permit, we will have a spectacular viewing of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower; which is expected in the wee hours of August 12, but late Tuesday and Thursday nights may also be fruitful.

August is the month for meteor showers, although Perseid is known to be already around since July 17. The Perseid is debris that came from Swift Tuttle comet as it orbits around the sun and laid bits of its outer crust on several locations. We always get a great show of these sand-like sparklings on a dark night every August since it is the month when Earth passes the same orbit Swift Tuttle leave behind.

About 200 meteors per hour are expected to burst of up to 15 minutes tonight; but the problem will be the great moonlight shine, which will surely keep us all from getting a good glimpse of the show. Somebody told me that positioning oneself where the moon will be behind a tree will help make the show visible. Well, let’s see if that will be a good tip for tonight’s grand Perseid meteor shower!

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Finally! After involuntary cutting my actually extended break time, I was told that my favorite (aside from Danny Gokey) won the American Idol Season 8 title! For days, he had been in my prayers because he is really a better performer than the—oh, what I think wild Lambert. No offense, Kris is even better looking! A boy-next-door looking like that, he ought to be an idol!

But to tell you honestly, I was a little worried with his performances yesterday. There were three rounds, and I think he was a little weak for the judges given the powerful vocal performances of Adam Lambert. Round one, I think he won that. He played the piano; that was total performance I may add! Round two, he was great strumming while singing. I think he was still great but the judges are all into Adam’s R&B rendition. Round three, I honestly think he picked the wrong song because he was trying so hard to reach notes. But guess what? Simon gave him the floor!

Still, Kris Allen should be very thankful to his family and fans. It is very obvious that the judges love Adam Lambert and the guy was a very strong contender. Without the great support he received from votes, Adam, with his voice and performance alone, could have won him the title. Any which way though, I am all Kris Allen!

Uh, I forgot, I heard someone earlier from the radio who said that it could be Allen who will get the title because he is far better marketable than Adam Lambert. He was talking about good looks and his genre. Anybody can expound that for me? Thanks!

American Idol
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Who ever thought that Danny Gokey, the 29 year old church music director from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a widower, could be booted out? I mean, he started strong and was actually doing real good but was revealed to get very few votes during the top three. With the guy out, it could only be Adam Lambert or Kris Allen. Let me play a little spooky gypsy here but I think, it will be Lambert for American Idol Eight Season. Why’s that? Because we all know that everybody loves the theater actor so much on top of the fact that he really has the great voice!
Still, I would have loved to see Daniel Jay ‘Danny’ Gokey for the finals. I just think that he has the voice to carry him to stardom but the public have spoken and he is out now. There is nothing I can do about that but one thing is sure. I will still look forward to his career and hopefully get some albums in the future. It may be a little exaggeration but what I think is major studios are onto him and he will really make it big in the industry! Don’t you think that way too?

angels and demonsIf you have watched the Da Vinci Code, you just got to watch Angels and Demons. The movie is almost a sequel to the first movie but does not require any viewer to reminisce its scenes. It is also a reunion for that box office movie star and director Tom Hanks and Ron Howard, respectively. “Angels is also better received by the Vatican, which even received a nice review from its official newspaper L’Osservatore Romano. It called the new movie from the same people whom they have criticized so much for Da Vinci “harmless entertainment” and also “gripping” and “a bit of fun.”

With the legendary Star Trek topping the summer movies, earning as high as $80 M, you will expect that this ‘getaway to Rome’ to be within the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd when the returns are tallied. Wolverine will also make it there, which is now at the 2nd position in box office success. Let us just wait for Angels & Demons to be shown all over the world come May 14 and see if it will defeat the earnings of Star Trek and Wolverine or more than the success of the Da Vinci Code.

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FRANCE-CINEMA-CANNES-FILM-FESTIVAL-SERBISThe country is more than happy to welcome Gina Pareño back from Hong Kong after winning the Asian Film Awards’ Best Supporting Actress. The actress was teary eyed when she gave her acceptance speech to her award in the Asian’s counterpart for Oscar’s award giving body. She grabbed this honor for her realistic acting in ‘Serbis’, which was presented internationally as Service. Other winners were: Best Actor Masahiro Motoki from Japan, Best Actress Zhou Xun from China, and Best Supporting Actor Jung Woo-sung. Best Film was Tokyo Sonata and director was Hirokazu Koreeda.
Gina Pareño later on talks about how funny the award night went. She was in the ladies room when her name was called. Upon hearing, she was overwhelmed and came out as fast as she could and went to the stage to accept her award. Although she wished to win her category, when her time came, she realized she was not ready at all. In fact, she do not have an outright speech for the award. What she then said was that the award was for all her countrymen in the Philippines. The crowd applauded and her eyes misted with tears.

Back in the Philippines yesterday, Gina Pareño is still overwhelmed with her award. In fact, she had her trophy clasp in her hands. She then again told her funny ladies room story to reporters who were waiting for her in the airport and will later talk about on the long list of talk shows and news interviews she have in line. Since this is one of the firsts, it is expected that Gina Pareño will get a feature telemovie or interview of sort in her home studio. She might even get her life story sold and published to the right bidder just like with the rest of the living heroes we have in the industry.