The Earth Hour was once again successful in uniting the world with the issue on global warming. Yesterday, as expected, 2010 Earth Hour became the biggest event ever! Initial report was that Vietnam’s electricity fell half a million KWh during the Earth Hour. This was trice of what they saved when they first join the event in 2009. Though increase in awareness on climate change is the main cause of event, saved energy is going to be the application of this awareness.

Earth Hour 2010 was the fourth of its kind, 2007 being the first. It all started in Sydney with the 2.2 million residents participated with (World Wide Fund for Nature) WWF’s cause in cooperation with The Sydney Morning Herald. From then on, it became a worldwide event and is scheduled every last Saturday of March.

In 2008, 400 cities from 35 countries supported the March 28, 2008 8:00-9:00 Earth Hour. This includes the iconic landmarks in all seven continents. Zogby International equate these to 36 million participants and a four percent increase in awareness on climate change and all other environmental issues.

Another monumental increase was noted in the 2009 Earth Hour held last March 28, 2009 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. The numbers flared up to 4,088 participating cities from 88 countries. For the first time, United Nations headquarters in New York City participated and save $102 in energy. The United States also topped the participation with 80 million people from 318 cities of its eight states. Philippines seconded with 15 million participants from some 647 cities and towns. Greece followed with 484 cities and towns and Australia with 309.

This year, 137 countries signed up to participate and while the true numbers of people who joined is yet to be finalized, estimates shows that it will also leave the 1 billion goal of 2009 behind.


On Saturday, at exactly 8:30 in the evening, unplug all your appliances to show your love to Mother Earth.

Earth hour has already become an annual event. This year, let us show our support to its organizers. Let us all shut down our electrics and save Mother Earth!

perseidIf the weather will permit, we will have a spectacular viewing of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower; which is expected in the wee hours of August 12, but late Tuesday and Thursday nights may also be fruitful.

August is the month for meteor showers, although Perseid is known to be already around since July 17. The Perseid is debris that came from Swift Tuttle comet as it orbits around the sun and laid bits of its outer crust on several locations. We always get a great show of these sand-like sparklings on a dark night every August since it is the month when Earth passes the same orbit Swift Tuttle leave behind.

About 200 meteors per hour are expected to burst of up to 15 minutes tonight; but the problem will be the great moonlight shine, which will surely keep us all from getting a good glimpse of the show. Somebody told me that positioning oneself where the moon will be behind a tree will help make the show visible. Well, let’s see if that will be a good tip for tonight’s grand Perseid meteor shower!

Recycling? This kid is a winner! Not even the most talented scientist or environment manager ever thought about the better use of plastic bags than using it as garbage bags, which in turn, adds to the non-biodegradables in our surroundings. But look at this genius! If everyone will start cleaning their used grocery or plastic bags, and use it the way the boy did, we will have less environment wastes! Besides, it will save us from buying swimming wardrobes that will actually be used once or twice. More importantly, it is going to be very easy to reuse or low maintenance. Imagine its wash and wear! recycling

These pictures also show us another thing. If we, adults, try to think the way kids do, then everything will be much easier and faster to process. To think, the environment agencies of our government have been finding ways on how to reuse or recycle these non-biodegradables and here comes this kid with his unique idea. Actually, what I think is: this kid didn’t actually spend a minute to think of what he’s going to do with the excess plastic bags his mother piles up at home. He just saw it and thought it was cool to be useful!

If this is the case, why don’t we just leave some suggestion boxes in every primary school and let the kids do their share? Who knows there might be more meat in them than the rest of us? I’m not kidding; there is nothing wrong if we try this thing. Let’s not be childish and insecure in these trying times. Besides, it is their future that is at stake so let us hear it from them and move on! Maybe they care or if not, let us care on what they have to say. Just a thought, peace!

Special Thanks to the photographer which name appears on each photo!

60-earth-hourOnce again, Philippines


Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales calls each and every faithful around the world to show their environment concern by turning off their lights for an hour, from 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening of March 28, 2009. This is in support to the third year celebration of the Earth Hour, which originated in Sydney, Australia in 2007 as a ‘one city lights out environment initiative’. From there, it made a surge of interest from every concern citizen in every country around the world. By 2008, there were 371 cities in 35 countries that joined the initiative in support of the climate change as well as energy conservation. This year, it is expected that the figures will be tripled; 1,000 cities around the world will be conserving energy for an hour and showing their dire concern on climate change.


In the Philippines alone, the estimates rose to 10 Million environment loving people and 500 businesses to join the environmental act. Earth Hour Philippines 2009 will be supported by World Wide Fund for Nature- Philippines, The Green Army Network, and SWITCH Movement together with the Department of Energy. The world-wide environmental activity is viewed to increase public awareness of the need to care for the environment. Along with that is the will to conserve energy, which is depleting alongside the alarming rapid climate change.


Region-wide, there will also be initiatives that will ensure that the 2009 Earth Hour will be carry on successfully. This will be under the close watch and awareness initiatives of Environment officers in the local offices as well as local Energy governing bodies. For even better success rating, local officials will also lead in the Earth Hour, making their homes dim and conserve watts of current for exactly an hour. Multiply these watts conserve into the millions of homes that will join and you get a lot of energy conserved!

I have here a simple pdf file that contains the worsening happenings in our environment. This is one of the major reasons why we founded an environmental club which we have named Young Professional Environment Club or simply YPEC. Such scenarios are expected to continue in a new level, which we hope will of course not happen. To date, we are experiencing so many calamities that ranges in intensity and wasting a lot of both manmade and natural wonders in our planet. On top of that are the million of lives claimed, as well as establishments and institutions.
Be one of us in your small way because we know you also want to stop the Global Warming that is becoming prevalent nowadays. Why not plant trees, herbs, or even flowering plants? If you think you can’t because you live in suburbs or you own a business establishment in the city, you are dead wrong. You can make or acquire planters where you can plant your share of greens. THat way, you can even better the appearance of your place. It can also look as a decoration in less the investment.

If you are a student or a kid, you can still do your share by simply not buying or eating in fastfoods or restaurants that are serving in styros. A lot of environment friendly places are now using wares and porcelain to ensure that they don’t compromise the environment by stocking a lot of non-biodegradable wastes. Also, paper is not a good substitute for styro and plastic because it will then again cost a lot of trees to produce disposable paper containers and napkins. But since that cannot be taken away completely, at least use it in moderations. In any occasion, paper are far better than plastics because these can be biodegraded.

Tell your mommies too that they can also help by buying big containers of shampoos, lotions, spices, water, and everything for the house. This will keep you all from making too much garbage.