Merry Christmas everyone! Be safe and enjoy the long vacation, cheers!Image


Isn’t it great to be working all year and finally earning a week or two of holiday vacation? We’ll, let’s just say that I’ve earned mine and I just thought that it is a good reason for a post. I’ve been packing up my things since day one of December and I am just too glad to finally be on my way! It’s going to be a two-week vacation and I am going to make the best time of my life from it. I’m going to throw a great Christmas and New Year’s party with the people I love the most in this life.

I’d take my mom and siblings out for a diner or lunch and ill cook for them on either the Christmas or New Year’s Eve. As for my nephews and nieces, I have already sent packages home loaded with toys and things I can pack for gifts. You see, I’ve been readying myself for the occasion for too long now. I’m not that excited, am I?

I’m also looking forward to see my best friend and spend days talking with her until we both run dry of words. I wanted to hear everything that has happened in her life lately and hopefully, she would want to hear mine as well.

I am also looking forward to our high school batch reunion, which modesty aside, I have made possible. I mean, I am in charged but not the money-ger. Fortunately, Manny Pacquiao’s trusted friend and trainer Buboy Fernandez is married to one of my classmates so she is going to finance the entire affair.

To everyone, I hope you are all looking forward to a great holiday his Christmas. Merry Christmas in advance and may we all have a great 2010!

laughJust how bad do you think being single is? For some, its really a big deal! In fact, I have found odd news about 200 women in Rio form a movement called ‘Boyfriendless Movement’. This group is comprised of women who are bold enough to march the stretch of highways in downtown Rio de Janeiro chanting they want boyfriend within the next month. That is in preparation for Brazil’s Lovers Day in June 12. The brain of the party is Fernanda Novaes, a 21 year old lady who is also in look for his guy come the date of their nation’s St. Valentine’s Day. Well, good luck gals! We hope you find what you are looking for before you become ashamed of yourselves…

Today is the special day for lovers. You will be seeing and tolerating until your own heart aches a lot of paired lovers doing what lovers do best. For sure, there will be the normal ‘candle lighting’ galore on almost all restaurants who want to look like one of the best fine dines in town. Some have even come up and imitated the ‘lovapalooza’, which is the smooching of couples underneath the big bright heart in the order of some matron or emcee doing his job. But for singles like me, I usually dubbed February 14 as the International Singles Day—lols—
Singles do not have to despise Valentine’s Day as long as they are happy, like I am. I do not have somebody to cuddle with or to spend the early evening with in a candle lit room with the rest of the lovers in town but I love this day. I usually treat myself to whatever I want to eat but trying my best not to over eat. I also love watching couples by the parks, enjoying the day and afternoon with the rest of the family. Way back in my real home, I would ask the family out. A dine with the ones you love will always be a great thing to do.
My activities during the singles day is not actually planned, they just puff out of somewhere. I even think February 14s are some sort of a rest day for everyone. In my younger days, I would even plan for something daring, like trek a place I have never been or climb a mountain to spend an afternoon for a splash in the cool spring water or falls. Now that I am already in the city and there are less places to go but malls and parks, I just eat out and maybe have a good chat with friends or colleagues.