1. Die Hard 2- John McClane (Bruce Willis) is at odds with terrible mercenaries who take over an airport’s communication system, who threatens to make the planes crash if they don’t get what they want
2. Lost, Season 1- Show begins with a plane crash and a bunch of people trying to survive on a deserted island.
3. Snakes on a Plane- 2 reasons: 1- killer reptiles on the flight, 2- bad movie
4. Turbulence- a stewardess needs to fly a plane overrun by criminals, ward off a serial killer, and touch down in LA just in time for the Christmas holidays
5. Fearless- this 1993 film features every graphic and traumatizing plane crash scene which max Klein (Jeff Bridges) survives. It eventually changes him into someone who feels indestructible.


First time in the history of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) that the big winner will be chosen from a big group of 5! From 26 housemates from two different houses, the four-month running reality show is finally approaching its big night. On Saturday, the big winner will be crowned and hopefully become a promising addition to the world of glamour and fame. Will it be Melai, Tibo, Paul Jake, Johan, or Jason? The people will decide, we will decide.

People will have their own bet for big winner like I do. For four months, I probably watched the reality show for at least two months and I found Melai to be really entertaining. During the last days though, she went mushy when Jason started courting her. She also went limp during the last tasks in the house. But during the competition for the big winner slot, she again proved to be the strong lady amidst all conditions that a Filipina is known for. She definitely is a good choice for a winner.

But then, I also admired Tibo for his resourcefulness and industriousness. What worries me is that he seems to have potential in back fighting his friends, especially Melai. It sends doubt to his truthfulness as if he is doing it to spite his closest rival to stardom.

Paul Jake, though I find him too proud is also a good choice. He is the only person who got the leadership and the balls to stand up for what he believes. He copes well and is always at the top of the situation.

Johan is a cutie but has no leadership.

Finally, dirty and smelly looker Jason. He must be a good choice but has very little patience and courage in proving his worth.

So who do you think is the best choice?

One of the sweetest things that friendship can do is bunching up people inside that relationship for fun travel. And we are finally doing that next year! We are going to Metro Cebu on March not for the fun of it but for the purpose of bonding after a long time of separation from one another. The ‘we’ is Nays, Halley, Owen, and I. The four of us were a team in our former job, Nays being the team leader. We started out as a simple team will be, growing into liking one another’s attitude. That liking grown deeper, the next thing we know we are real good friends one can count on at any time. We couldn’t have stayed for two years on a low paid job if not for one another.

We left the company in the midst of 2008 and move on. Every now and then, we gather and have a scoop snoop from one another. It was fun. Now we are taking the gathering into a higher level, we are going to travel together! First stop will be the Metro Cebu. We already have our bookings done for March 13 to 16. The original plan was 13 to 15 but we moved it to catch up a promo airfare. We will tour the historical land of the oldest town in the Philippines and we are lucky to find a hotel in the oldest street of the country.

Our 4-day trip will also include the Tagbilaran City, an island near the Metro Cebu and where the famous landscape of Chocolate Hills will be seen. That is also the place where a foundation takes care of Philippine Tarsiers. We will also do a tour in that place. Finally, we will be housed on huts in the town of Loboc where the famous floating dining place is also located.

Recycling? This kid is a winner! Not even the most talented scientist or environment manager ever thought about the better use of plastic bags than using it as garbage bags, which in turn, adds to the non-biodegradables in our surroundings. But look at this genius! If everyone will start cleaning their used grocery or plastic bags, and use it the way the boy did, we will have less environment wastes! Besides, it will save us from buying swimming wardrobes that will actually be used once or twice. More importantly, it is going to be very easy to reuse or low maintenance. Imagine its wash and wear! recycling

These pictures also show us another thing. If we, adults, try to think the way kids do, then everything will be much easier and faster to process. To think, the environment agencies of our government have been finding ways on how to reuse or recycle these non-biodegradables and here comes this kid with his unique idea. Actually, what I think is: this kid didn’t actually spend a minute to think of what he’s going to do with the excess plastic bags his mother piles up at home. He just saw it and thought it was cool to be useful!

If this is the case, why don’t we just leave some suggestion boxes in every primary school and let the kids do their share? Who knows there might be more meat in them than the rest of us? I’m not kidding; there is nothing wrong if we try this thing. Let’s not be childish and insecure in these trying times. Besides, it is their future that is at stake so let us hear it from them and move on! Maybe they care or if not, let us care on what they have to say. Just a thought, peace!

Special Thanks to the photographer which name appears on each photo!

laughJust how bad do you think being single is? For some, its really a big deal! In fact, I have found odd news about 200 women in Rio form a movement called ‘Boyfriendless Movement’. This group is comprised of women who are bold enough to march the stretch of highways in downtown Rio de Janeiro chanting they want boyfriend within the next month. That is in preparation for Brazil’s Lovers Day in June 12. The brain of the party is Fernanda Novaes, a 21 year old lady who is also in look for his guy come the date of their nation’s St. Valentine’s Day. Well, good luck gals! We hope you find what you are looking for before you become ashamed of yourselves…

FRANCE-CINEMA-CANNES-FILM-FESTIVAL-SERBISThe country is more than happy to welcome Gina Pareño back from Hong Kong after winning the Asian Film Awards’ Best Supporting Actress. The actress was teary eyed when she gave her acceptance speech to her award in the Asian’s counterpart for Oscar’s award giving body. She grabbed this honor for her realistic acting in ‘Serbis’, which was presented internationally as Service. Other winners were: Best Actor Masahiro Motoki from Japan, Best Actress Zhou Xun from China, and Best Supporting Actor Jung Woo-sung. Best Film was Tokyo Sonata and director was Hirokazu Koreeda.
Gina Pareño later on talks about how funny the award night went. She was in the ladies room when her name was called. Upon hearing, she was overwhelmed and came out as fast as she could and went to the stage to accept her award. Although she wished to win her category, when her time came, she realized she was not ready at all. In fact, she do not have an outright speech for the award. What she then said was that the award was for all her countrymen in the Philippines. The crowd applauded and her eyes misted with tears.

Back in the Philippines yesterday, Gina Pareño is still overwhelmed with her award. In fact, she had her trophy clasp in her hands. She then again told her funny ladies room story to reporters who were waiting for her in the airport and will later talk about on the long list of talk shows and news interviews she have in line. Since this is one of the firsts, it is expected that Gina Pareño will get a feature telemovie or interview of sort in her home studio. She might even get her life story sold and published to the right bidder just like with the rest of the living heroes we have in the industry.

Boston Pops Natalie Cole
If you want to relive the 70s, 80s, and the 90s, 8-time Grammy winner Natalie Cole is going to here in the country on March 11! The successful singer-actress-performer is expected to serenade the crowd with her hits (as well as her father’s) Inseparable, This Will Be (An Everlasting Love), Sophisticated Lady (She is A Different Lady), Someone I Used To Love, I’ve Got Love On My Mind, Our Love, and many many more!
Natalie Cole’s first voice appearance was in her dad’s Christmas Album. She was 6 years old that year and by the time she was 11, she was already performing. Her debut album titled ‘Inseparable’ in 1975 paved the way to her chartbuster single ‘This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)’ in 1976. It became #1 for R & B genre and #6 for Pop. She also stole Grammy’s Best Female R & B Vocal Performance from Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin who won the same title for 7 years in a row, from 1968 to 1975. She also won the Grammy award for Best New Artist that same year.
Subsequently, she also released different successful hits like the Sophisticated Lady (She is A Different Lady) also in 1976, I’ve Got Love On My Mind in 1977, Someone I Used To Love and Our Love in 1980. In 1988, she also joined Richard Campbell, Jeffrey Worrell, Eddie Cole, and Dave Joyce for Nelson Mandela’s birthday tribute. In 1990, she also did a duet with Jazz vocalist Al Jarreau in ‘Mr. President’ for HBO’s comic relief special hosted by Whoopi Goldberg, Robin Williams, and Billy Crystal. She also maintained friendship with John Mathis when he first appeared for Cole’s special in 1980 and in 1992; Mathis invited her in the Tribute to Cole for BBC England.
The most significant contribution she did to the music industry was her 1991 album ‘Inseparable with Love’, which is her arrangement of her father’s greatest hits. With the help of digital editing and modern technology, she was even able to reunite with his father’s voice by singing the Unforgettable with him. This sold more than 7 million copies in the US alone.

Natalie Cole did find second career in acting appearing on ‘I’ll Fly Away’, ‘Touched by an Angel’, ‘Law and Order: Special Victim Unit’. She also shocked us with her memorable guest appearance in ABCs popular Grey Anatomy as the terminally ill patient.

Watch her live at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds this Wednesday as she brings back the good old memories….