‘The best things in life are for free’ struck me this morning as I was sitting and waiting in vain for my loan to be released. It was a grueling three-hour wait when I saw a priceless thing right in front of me, a meter away from me down on the floor. Trying hard to make out what it is, as I move slowly to see it more clearly, the biggest smile of my life formed on my face stretching my lips for the first time in three hours.

It was false teeth that apparently fell down from the agape sleeping woman two rows in front of me! It was rude of me but I can’t help laughing, first in silence and then louder in the comfort room. When I went back inside, my seat was already taken but I am already feeling good. It was funny but it was more than a relief to know that I am still lucky to be just losing my three hours of the day,

Inspired, I approached the teller and asked about the release of my loan why the release is taking too long. Good for me I did that because my release papers were ‘misplaced’. I wonder if that woman, sleeping there with her mouth open and false teeth already on the floor is also trapped in the bureaucracy of the government. I’ll never know, I need to hurry before the bank close down today.


sunset.jpgOnce again, the saying ‘good things never last’ has proven the truth in it. Our current government situation is just one of the best examples. Most of us thought that we are moving forward; but look, amidst the said economic growth lies the so many problems that can sweep us back to the slumber we’ve been. I may be one of the many who wants the truth to come out but I detest the recent happenings like the ones that used children to serenade the CHED executive and militants making demands.  These, I think, should be limited and call the attention of the appropriate agencies. Can you see? We are the ones who are pulling our feet back to crisis.

I am just one of the so-called ‘online people’ who gets additional income through blogs and online advertisements. We get paid in dollars. So when the dollar exchange is high, we are happier. In the early days, yes! But today, Im not happy anymore because it only means that our economy is getting back to its old situation again. Even if Im earning well in dollars, Im still a Filipino who works like hell and spends it in Filipino rate. This means that my earnings become too small for what it is worth due to the upcoming or already going on inflation. So either we help the government solve its present crisis or all of us sank with it.