They say parents will not do anything stupid to their child. But what did Mohammed did to his two year old boy, Hardy Rizal? The boy, at his age is overweight, has tantrums, and cannot run or play around with other kids. Those are not the worst, though. The boy, in his young age puffs cigarettes like a pro! His average is 40 sticks a day!

His father, Mohammed, 30 years old and a fishmonger started giving him cigarettes when he was 18 months old. Hardy is apparently suffering from nicotine addiction; getting angry, screaming, and banging his head on the walls of their home in a fishing village in South Sumatra if he is not given one. Though his father is not concerned with the apparent heath problems of his kid, her 26 years old mother Diana says she knows her son is sick.

The villagers confessed that the authorities promised to buy the family a car if they let the boy quit. In Indonesia, that may be the first step in solving a health and social issue but in our country, we call that bribery.


world-conference-on-tobacco1India is known as the second largest tobacco producer and exporter, with China being the first, but it will hold this year’s The World Conference on Tobacco and Health. This will be a 5-day event, starting Sunday, March 15 and will focus on the awareness programs that will educate developing countries of the expanding health problems brought about by using tobaccos. The event will be backed by World Health organization (WHO) and is expected to be attended by around 2,000 delegates from different countries and organizations around the world. The crowd will surely include officials from Anti- Tobacco groups, cancer specialists, and PrakashGapta (president of the conference) among so many others.

It seems odd that one of the largest producers of tobacco worldwide is going to host the world’s awareness program against all forms of tobacco use. But it is not if you will dare to look at the current tabulation of the alarming growing users in India: 57 % of the total population of Indian men uses tobacco in various procedures while 1 out of 10 women aging 15 to 49 use it too. From this statistics, 33.3 % of these men smoke the tobacco, while 23.7 % chew it with Pan Manala (addictive flavoured tobacco and betel nut mixture). Of the women, 1.6 % smokes tobacco, while 10 % chew it just like the way men do.

On top of that, the Indian government has also ratified WHO’s framework on Tobacco Control by intensifying the countries smoking ban in all public places.

As the biggest supplier and producer of tobacco around the world, India’s economy depends largely on its harvest and export of this continuously becoming dangerous plant. Although the India government is amenable to its control and awareness against use, it is still their biggest source of income. It is doubtful that they will keep from planting and exporting it, not just for the sake of the country’s economy but for the sake of the mouths that are waiting to be fed in every farmer’s home. Until the country or its leaders find a way of developing other means of work for their many tobacco farmers, that is the only time the use will decline. You see, if there is demand there just got to be a supply. Think about the 5.4 Million lives tobacco claims every year world wide.

I have once seen a table about human organs and their function timing, which I have also posted in colourblind. I think this table is far better than that and I posted it in here because I believe that there are more readers who need to know about these facts. I really hope this will us all.

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