If only Burj Khalifa is a Philippine edifice, we might have enjoyed yet another long vacation. We’ve been accustomed to that, thanks to the great government. The additional vacation should have been last January 4, when the new tallest building tower in the whole wide world at 828 meter was opened to the public. The opening ceremony was graced by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammad, who marked the event by unveiling the plaque of Burj Khalifa tower.

The Burj stands with 160 storeys, dwarfing Taiwan’s Taipei 101 tower, China’s Shanghai World Financial Center, Malaysia’s Petronas towers, and US of A’s Sears tower. Its construction started way back in 2004 through the efforts of Emaar Properties.

The now proclaimed tallest building in the world has state-of-the-art and one-of-the-kind facility systems, applicable for both residential and commercial purposes. It has a massive water supply of 250,000 gallons on a daily basis, which is more than enough even when the entire building will be fully occupied. the electricity system has a conversion to 350,000,100 watt light bulbs.

its architects and engineers covered all basis by providing refuge areas in every 25 floors just in case a fire or other untoward happenings occur. Elevators are an added attraction than just a simple lifts. They are designed as double decked observation areas with 5,500 kilograms capacity.


Have you seen the clip during Manny Pacquiao’s thanksgiving mass? It seems that Jinkee Pacquiao is now getting affected with the Manny-Krista rumors. The clip shows Jinkee crying during the mass and when Manny tries to hold her, she moves away. Instead of clinging to his husband, she continued crying in the shoulder of her friend. So there is truth in the rumors after all?

It can be remembered that way back, Manny Pacquiao was once linked with another actress. Ara Mina, a sex icon in the Philippine showbiz was rumored to be his mistress. Not only that, she was even rumored to receive a house and lot from the boxing superstar. A car and some other expensive things were also reported to be sent as gift to the actress. In those days, Jinkee seemed to be unaffected. Or, is she acting out the composure?

There are many talks, videos, and pictures going out now. If the truth can be measured by these things, then the Manny-Krista affair is true. As people loving people we are, we just don’t want this family to be broken. Not now when they already have too much. They had been together in the worst times; it shouldn’t be broken by people who just want to ruin relationships built with strong foundation of love.

To Manny, who have been the champ and idol of the Filipino people; don’t ruin your name and reputation for an affair that is built in lust and fame. You are a good man, in these trying times, you have to choose the people who have been with you since the start when you are nothing and have nothing.

To Jinkee, who have mothered a brood of four in the foundation of love to her husband, don’t let your family be ruined by unworthy persons however famous she may be. You are still the wife and the love of your husband’s life. There are just some things that are difficult to fathom, especially when it comes to desire and lust. Hold on if you still think your family is worth it.