Finally, my brother is no longer interested with illegal motor racing and got a new pink Yamaha Mio. The little ride is cool with its perfect sized seats and bigger utility box. It also has a nicer and safer foot rest where mud and water splashes had no way of dirtying riders’ feet. But it is cooler living legally. National statistics show that 49 out of a thousand participants in illegal races are injured. In 2001 alone, 49 deaths were connected to these activities. So you can just imagine our relief when my brother finally drops his interests to big, ear shattering DTs.

Only problem is, he had converted my Honda Wave S. It now sports street illegal mufflers. But we already had an agreement on that. He has to put everything he has replaced in that nice bike back before the holidays. That way, I can make use of it when I get home for the holiday vacation. That task will also make it safer and look better. We also agreed that he put up a garage for his motorbikes. Our little porch now looks like a showroom. Not that I don’t like it, the crowding little rides just make our little home a lot smaller!


crYou never want this thing to happen inside your house, do you? This was taken in India, a country known for its rich culture and population but below average hygiene (at least that is what their own people have to say). There have been so many exotic stories about this country like the mysterious insects that have gotten the lives of some tourists who dined in a fine restaurant. The food was great but the comfort rooms were invaded with some venomous insect that struck and killed them after a day or two. But this thing here, this is really scary! Imagine your comfort room, especially the bowl being lived in by a huge cobra! That is really dangerous— and neglected!
How did this venomous reptile get in the bowl? These are the probabilities: 1.) the comfort room may be dirty even if it looks neat in this picture (or the surroundings of the house or the comfort room). Reptiles are basically in love in wet places so that can explain why this cobra is sitting inside the bowl. 2.) There was something wrong with the plumbing or the sewerage. As a practice, the waste house should be properly built and enclosed. If not, it can easily be housed by these reptiles and the easiest place to get on the ground is the little hole that is your bowl!
You can let this happen to your own comfort room, or you can keep it from happening by cleaning not only the area but the entire surrounding of your home. Doing so will be very beneficial because it will take away all unwanted reptiles and insects from your living place! Wherever there is cleanliness, there will always be healthiness and happiness. So clean up and wake up with confidence that you have a safe home to live in.