These pictures were picked from fun and fun only. Honestly, I do not know if this is true or not. But granting it is, then something is fundamentally wrong. Look, the truck is used in the train track while the train is used in exchange of the truck. Funny, isn’t it? These pictures were taken from India and sent to all members of fun and fun only for fun or for truth, I still don’t know.

I hope this doesn’t happen in our own country. I don’t think such swapping will be quite effective for the functions these transportations are for. Besides, it will be another problem amidst the already surmounting problems and issues being faced by the government as well as the people.



Really? The Together, Forever hero is coming over live! And I will miss it… that is the sad truth. I really feel bad about it but I don’t have a choice. I live miles away and it will take me 10 hours travel by land or 45 to an hour air trip before I get into the venue. Besides, there is a job to think of and so many others. So I might just miss it and hope his publicists and the music industry release some stuffs in his wake. That way, I can acquire some and have the feeling that I also made it to his concert.

Or, what about ABS-CBN thru ASAP hold a little concert for him before or after the big event? They are the exclusive partners, right? They have all the resources and what it needs for that. I really wish they would. Anyway, who knows? Maybe they are already planning for that and we will all be shocked and amaze of what they actually have in minds? That will be a true treat for us who love the music and the man himself, Rick Ashley! Well, I am crossing my fingers they really would. And I need you to do so….