Who will ever forget the melamine scandal? And who will ever forget the people behind it?
Tian Wen Hua is old, enough reason to melt your heart and forgive. It is heart breaking to see this granny in handcuffs, but if we will reminisce how her decisions have killed many, you will be happy how justice had served its purpose.
Besides, she had enjoyed all the benefits from what she had done.
4 indicties
it is time she also pays for that.


Finally, the last 10 convicted soldiers in the assassinations of former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. and purported gunman Rolando Galman are now released through the executive clemency granted by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. This happening, roused different arguments and notions from the public. From the very many, two became too significant: good for those who believe in the innocence of the 10 men who have lost their prime years to prison and bad for those who believed in their guilt.
To the families of Rogelio Moreno, Ruben Aquino, Arnulfo Artates, Romeo Bautista, Jesus Castro, Arnulfo De Mesa, Rodolfo Desolong, Claro Lat, Ernesto Mateo and Filomeno Miranda, they were more than happy to learn that their father, brother, husband, grandfather or whatever they are to someone have finally been freed. To these date, they still believe in the injustice done to their family member and at least happy of the decision made by the President.
The 10 men walked out of the National Bilibid Prison (NBP) at 3:20 pm in effect of the executive clemency grabnted by PGMA last March 2. They were earlier escorted by Lawyer Persida Rueda-Acosta, head of the Public Attorney’s Office, and other PAO officials out of their cells at 1:10 p.m. yesterday. The NBP in Muntinlupa City was their home for more than 20 years of enduring the anger and hard life behind bars.

The men were among the 16 members of the Aviation Security Command which were sentenced of being guilty of the monumental Aug. 21, 1983 killings at the former Manila International Airport. Moreno was convicted as the triggerman while the opposition leader (aquino) was being led down the stairs of the plane that brought him back to the country.
The 10 men were the last of the original 16 and were found to be suffering multi-serious illnesses like hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease and cerebrovascular disease. This is among the considerations that lead PGMA to granting the first earlier prisoner out in December, another two in February, and now the last remaining 10. Their endorsements were signed by Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez and the time was reviewed by the Bureau of Corrections. Chief Superintendent Ramon Reyes, in charge of the maximum prison compound, signed their release letter and a prison official read it to them at exactly 3:20.