An early 7.3 magnitude earthquake awakens the southern parts of the Philippines. The tremor had an epicenter at 100 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or at 120 south of Pagadian. A depth of 604.5 kilometers was recorded by both the US Geological Survey and the Philippines institute of Volcanology and Seismology at 6:08 in the morning.

Another earthquake was recorded at 6:19 a.m. This time it’s rated at 5.4 magnitude and 594.8 kilometers depth with 95 kilometers west southwest of Cotabato or 115 kilometers south of Pagadian epicenter.

USGS recorded a third quake with a magnitude at 7.6 by 6:51 a.m. Its epicenter was 115 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or 145 kilometers south of Pagadian. The tremor has a depth of 576.3 kilometers. Phivolcs, on the other hand, recorded this third quake at a magnitude of 6.8 a minute later.

The fourth quake was recorded by the USGS at 7:15 a.m. with a magnitude of 7.4 but Philvocs at 6.7. The epicenter was estimated 120 kilometers south or Pagadian or 120 kilometers west south west of Cotabato with a depth of 616.7 kilometers.

An aftershock was felt late, at 8:50 a.m., with a magnitude of 4.9 and estimated epicenter of 100 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or 142 kilometers south of Pagadian. Another aftershock rocked the south by 9:44 a.m. with an estimated 91 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or 136 kilometers south Pagadian. It has a depth of 592.2 kilometers.

The series of quakes were also felt as far as the Bicol Region in Luzon and the metropolitan Manila. Phivolcs director Renato Solidum explained that the depth of an earthquake affects the area where it is felt. The deeper the epicenter is, the larger the area it reaches because the depth amplifies it. Also, deep epicenter earthquakes are usually none damaging because the shakings often diminish at the surface but strongly felt nonetheless. These series of earthquakes, he reports, as effects of Molucca sea plate and Mindanao Island movements. It should be remembered that the Philippines is one of the countries sitting on the Pacific Ring of Fire and thus, frequent seismic and volcanic activities can be felt.


The Earth Hour was once again successful in uniting the world with the issue on global warming. Yesterday, as expected, 2010 Earth Hour became the biggest event ever! Initial report was that Vietnam’s electricity fell half a million KWh during the Earth Hour. This was trice of what they saved when they first join the event in 2009. Though increase in awareness on climate change is the main cause of event, saved energy is going to be the application of this awareness.

Earth Hour 2010 was the fourth of its kind, 2007 being the first. It all started in Sydney with the 2.2 million residents participated with (World Wide Fund for Nature) WWF’s cause in cooperation with The Sydney Morning Herald. From then on, it became a worldwide event and is scheduled every last Saturday of March.

In 2008, 400 cities from 35 countries supported the March 28, 2008 8:00-9:00 Earth Hour. This includes the iconic landmarks in all seven continents. Zogby International equate these to 36 million participants and a four percent increase in awareness on climate change and all other environmental issues.

Another monumental increase was noted in the 2009 Earth Hour held last March 28, 2009 from 8:30 to 9:30 pm. The numbers flared up to 4,088 participating cities from 88 countries. For the first time, United Nations headquarters in New York City participated and save $102 in energy. The United States also topped the participation with 80 million people from 318 cities of its eight states. Philippines seconded with 15 million participants from some 647 cities and towns. Greece followed with 484 cities and towns and Australia with 309.

This year, 137 countries signed up to participate and while the true numbers of people who joined is yet to be finalized, estimates shows that it will also leave the 1 billion goal of 2009 behind.

After the horrible massacre in Maguindanao, the President has already moved to rule Martial Law in the province. This action though has cultivated mixed emotions from the people directly affected of the ruling and even those that are not. The action has the good intention of eliminating the long process of finding and capturing the villains but of course, as a democratic country, we observe justice to the highest form. We can’t just let anyone suffer the consequences, even if it means giving killers and murderers the justice they need.

One of the problems of the ruling of the Martial Law in Maguindanao is that there have been no justifiable evidences of rebellion on the part of the alleged killers. This means, the ruling was wrong so the President needs to retract it as soon as possible. The position of the ruling is that they are seeing threats of escape and the remote location, being that the alleged murderers are of high ranking offices, makes the capture a lot more difficult. And of course, we can’t forget some of those in the politics who are claiming that the ruling was wrong are just doing it to spite the President.

There is one thing good in proclaiming the Martial Law in Maguindanao though. That is the capture and discovery of a lot of firearms and Comelec related information. The Ampatuans who are also the highest ranking officials in the land cannot shield themselves with a band of lawyers who will lie for them. They are now in the hands of the armed forces so they cannot hide themselves or flee to who knows where. In fact, they are now pointing fingers. Let us just hope that justice will really be done in this case. 57 deaths in one day is gross so lets not forget what they are even as we try to give them the fairest trial of all.

After snagging his 7th world title, Manny Pacquiao is still unsure of his welterweight belt until reigning champ Floyd Mayweather Jr hasn’t succumbs to his power. This is why, his promoter Bob Arum is in knee-deep negotiations with Mayweather’s camp. There are already leaking bits of information regarding the fight. The date, for instance, is now out. The fight, if it happens, will be in March 13, 2010. The venue will be at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Still, there are still no solid decisions made.

Fast rising boxing champ Manny Pacquiao can only prove his true worth in the boxing history if he will become the first man to defeat the pretty boy of the ring, Floyd Mayweather Jr. The man has never been defeated in his career life. He have fought and defeated in a single match all those that Manny Pacquiao has also in his list. Most of these people were knocked out or technically knocked out. His last fight before finally retiring was a unanimous decision against Ricky Hatton.

Floyd Mayweather Jr has so much to pride himself about. He has never earned a defeat in his entire professional career. In fact, he was called the pretty boy in the ring because he was never hurt so bad in the ring. No blood, no bulges, no nothing! The guy is really awesome! I almost idolized this person if not for his mean and proud attitude. He was really cool in humiliating golden boy Oscar dela Hoya during their fight. Good thing he won the fight or else, he would have been the man-bitch of his time.

Now, it is time for the two best fighters in the world to meet in the ring and prove who’s who! I am not infected with Manny Pacquiao fever and I have a little admiration for Floyd Mayweather Jr. But whoever wins the fight, I will praise and add to my favorite sportsmen in this life.

Have you seen the clip during Manny Pacquiao’s thanksgiving mass? It seems that Jinkee Pacquiao is now getting affected with the Manny-Krista rumors. The clip shows Jinkee crying during the mass and when Manny tries to hold her, she moves away. Instead of clinging to his husband, she continued crying in the shoulder of her friend. So there is truth in the rumors after all?

It can be remembered that way back, Manny Pacquiao was once linked with another actress. Ara Mina, a sex icon in the Philippine showbiz was rumored to be his mistress. Not only that, she was even rumored to receive a house and lot from the boxing superstar. A car and some other expensive things were also reported to be sent as gift to the actress. In those days, Jinkee seemed to be unaffected. Or, is she acting out the composure?

There are many talks, videos, and pictures going out now. If the truth can be measured by these things, then the Manny-Krista affair is true. As people loving people we are, we just don’t want this family to be broken. Not now when they already have too much. They had been together in the worst times; it shouldn’t be broken by people who just want to ruin relationships built with strong foundation of love.

To Manny, who have been the champ and idol of the Filipino people; don’t ruin your name and reputation for an affair that is built in lust and fame. You are a good man, in these trying times, you have to choose the people who have been with you since the start when you are nothing and have nothing.

To Jinkee, who have mothered a brood of four in the foundation of love to her husband, don’t let your family be ruined by unworthy persons however famous she may be. You are still the wife and the love of your husband’s life. There are just some things that are difficult to fathom, especially when it comes to desire and lust. Hold on if you still think your family is worth it.

As promised, Manny Pacquiao brings home the bacon. The guy has now collected 7 world boxing titles, a first in the boxing history, after defeating the welterweight champ Miguel Cotto. Added to his six titles light flyweight, flyweight, bantamweight, super flyweight, featherweight, super featherweight, light welterweight, is the welterweight world belt.

The snag was not an easy one as the two fighters have given the best of themselves in the MGM grand arena. Victor Manny Pacquiao steps off with a bloody ear and the victim Miguel Cotto stripped with his belt.

Manny Pacquiao on Miguel Cotto:

Filipino boxing idol Manny Pacquiao admits that Miguel Cotto gave him a hard time. He might not be the first to hurt him bad on the ring but the guy is really strong and has a resistance you will admire from a boxing pro.

Miguel Cotto on Manny Pacquiao:

The warrior in the welterweight division have also praised Manny Pacquiao for his resistance and speed on the ring, which eventually, lead to his defeat. The man has respect for his defeater and has not disclosed his career plans in the future.

Everyone in the team Pacquiao team and the media men who were with the boxing champ in his bus were stunned to see that Pacquiao, for the first time, dozed off after the fight. Normally, he will be entertaining and making funny comments about his just finished fight. He will also allow immediate interviews. This time, it was different. The guy went to sleep. Everyone then conclude that the fight was really one of the most tormenting kind in his boxing career.

perseidIf the weather will permit, we will have a spectacular viewing of the annual Perseid Meteor Shower; which is expected in the wee hours of August 12, but late Tuesday and Thursday nights may also be fruitful.

August is the month for meteor showers, although Perseid is known to be already around since July 17. The Perseid is debris that came from Swift Tuttle comet as it orbits around the sun and laid bits of its outer crust on several locations. We always get a great show of these sand-like sparklings on a dark night every August since it is the month when Earth passes the same orbit Swift Tuttle leave behind.

About 200 meteors per hour are expected to burst of up to 15 minutes tonight; but the problem will be the great moonlight shine, which will surely keep us all from getting a good glimpse of the show. Somebody told me that positioning oneself where the moon will be behind a tree will help make the show visible. Well, let’s see if that will be a good tip for tonight’s grand Perseid meteor shower!