There’s another long weekend to look forward to at the end of November. The President has declared November 27 and 28 as National holidays in the observance of the Muslim’s Eidl Adha or the Feast of the Sacrifice, an Islamic culmination of Harirya Hajj or the pilgrimage to Makka (Mecca) of Saudi Arabia. Since the following day will be Sunday, that is going to be a great three days vacation. But wait, November 30 is also a regular holiday in celebration of the Bonifacio day. What we got, both the public and private sectors, is a clean four days of grand vacation!
The proclamation has been made after consulting the department of labor and business groups. It is expected though, that there will be some reactions to these very long vacation. In fact, since it has been announced too early, it is not far from possible retraction once the affected parties have already voiced out their objection to this new holiday proclamation. That is going to be natural because long vacations in the past have really garnered a lot of criticisms.

Of course, for employees like me, I would want it to be pushed through. I can really use some vacation before the Christmas season kicks in. These four days ahead will do me a lot of good and hopefully, everyone else. To the employers, it is going to be a real different story. Let us just hope that in the end, best decisions will be made for the best interest of everyone.


The President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo declared August 5, ex-President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino’s interment, a National non- working holiday. In a separate declaration, August 1 to 10 of the same year will be the National mourning for the passing away of the Republic’s first lady-President. These declarations have been issued while PGMA is in her state visit to the United States of America. The President is also expected to cut her visit short and pay visit to the wake of Ms. Aquino at the Manila Cathedral.

As a former president of the Republic, the Aquino family was offered to hold the wake in an appropriate place in the palace. They have declined the offer because the bereaved family holds grudge against the current president. The issue they haven’t put to rest is something about a bodyguard the current president has ordered to be take off from its duty. The family believed that this happening has something to do with their late mother’s transparency in opposing the new president’s governance. In fact, she was one of the leaders in some of the movements against the new government.

For whatever it is worth, let us just be all happy with the way PGMA is carrying all the issues against her. Her plans of visiting the wake of the former President should not even be sensationalized. It is something that any person can do in respect to the dead and the bereaved family. Besides, they have been friends and confidants in the past. Let her pay her respect to the former president and friend.