How would you feel if your personal data is open to the public? That is basically the sentiment of every American as reported by the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Legislative Director Shane Larson. Larson claimed that “there’s a lack of security protection for your data when it’s housed overseas. “I think that Americans would be outraged if every American knew that their data is that open to identity theft”. Her recommendation was for the US to be stricter in screening overseas call centers’ data privacy security with the help of the U.S. Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 3496). This is a recent bi-partisan bill introduced by Rep. Tim Bishop (D-NY) and Rep. Dave McKinley (R-WV), co-sponsored by Reps. Michael Michaud (D-ME), Gene Green (D-TX), Michael Grimm (R-NY), and 57 others. It prohibits companies that employ overseas call centers from receiving federal grants or loans for at least 5 years. It also intends to provide consumers their basic rights such as knowing where the call is being placed and being transferred to a US-based call center if they wanted to. “A foreign, overseas call center must notify a U.S. consumer where they are located, and that you also have a right to ask to be transferred to a call center based in the United States.”


Aside from that, sending call center jobs overseas had hurt the US economically. Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that some 500, 000 American call center jobs have already been sent overseas. This means that more than half a million American workers have lost their jobs in favor of overseas workers. That is getting attention in the congress as it is not acceptable at this time when every US leader is trying to get more job openings for their constituents. 

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An early 7.3 magnitude earthquake awakens the southern parts of the Philippines. The tremor had an epicenter at 100 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or at 120 south of Pagadian. A depth of 604.5 kilometers was recorded by both the US Geological Survey and the Philippines institute of Volcanology and Seismology at 6:08 in the morning.

Another earthquake was recorded at 6:19 a.m. This time it’s rated at 5.4 magnitude and 594.8 kilometers depth with 95 kilometers west southwest of Cotabato or 115 kilometers south of Pagadian epicenter.

USGS recorded a third quake with a magnitude at 7.6 by 6:51 a.m. Its epicenter was 115 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or 145 kilometers south of Pagadian. The tremor has a depth of 576.3 kilometers. Phivolcs, on the other hand, recorded this third quake at a magnitude of 6.8 a minute later.

The fourth quake was recorded by the USGS at 7:15 a.m. with a magnitude of 7.4 but Philvocs at 6.7. The epicenter was estimated 120 kilometers south or Pagadian or 120 kilometers west south west of Cotabato with a depth of 616.7 kilometers.

An aftershock was felt late, at 8:50 a.m., with a magnitude of 4.9 and estimated epicenter of 100 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or 142 kilometers south of Pagadian. Another aftershock rocked the south by 9:44 a.m. with an estimated 91 kilometers southwest of Cotabato or 136 kilometers south Pagadian. It has a depth of 592.2 kilometers.

The series of quakes were also felt as far as the Bicol Region in Luzon and the metropolitan Manila. Phivolcs director Renato Solidum explained that the depth of an earthquake affects the area where it is felt. The deeper the epicenter is, the larger the area it reaches because the depth amplifies it. Also, deep epicenter earthquakes are usually none damaging because the shakings often diminish at the surface but strongly felt nonetheless. These series of earthquakes, he reports, as effects of Molucca sea plate and Mindanao Island movements. It should be remembered that the Philippines is one of the countries sitting on the Pacific Ring of Fire and thus, frequent seismic and volcanic activities can be felt.

SANTA BARBARA, CA -During a search for evidence at the Neverland Valley Ranch, investigators discovered a corpse that has been identified as that of Michael Jackson, Santa Barbara police officials announced Tuesday.

“Coroners have officially pronounced Michael Jackson dead. From what we can tell, he died between 18 and 20 years ago,” forensic investigator Tim Holbrooke said. “We are not certain, at this time, who-or what-has been standing trial in that Santa Maria courthouse.”

According to Holbrooke, Jackson ‘s corpse was buried just inches below a stretch of the miniature-train tracks that run throughout Neverland. The largely desiccated corpse wore the remains of a red, zipper-covered leather jacket and a single glove.

“We positively identified the body as Jackson by his dental records and DNA,” Holbrooke said. “But even before we conducted a single forensic test, we began to suspect that that we’d uncovered the real Michael, and that the disturbing figure claiming to be Jackson was a fake.”

Holbrooke said that, although the corpse was in an advanced stage of decomposition, when investigators compared the body to early-career publicity photos of Jackson , they saw a striking resemblance in bone structure and facial features. But when they compared the body to photos taken after 1987, the resemblance was negligible.
“This discovery raises a lot of questions, but it also sheds light on a number of disturbing incidents,” Holbrooke said. “Frankly, Jackson had been acting pretty strange.”

Above: Investigators move Jackson ‘s body, found buried at Neverland Ranch (above).
Forensic experts and music critics are postulating that Jackson was dead before the release of the multi-platinum album Bad. Detectives are currently analyzing the lyrics to “Man In The Mirror” for any clues relating to a look-alike entity that many suspect murdered the youngest member of the Jackson 5 and assumed his identity.

“We believe that Neverland served as some sort of freakishly whimsical tomb constructed by Jackson ‘s killer,” Holbrooke said. “We also suspect that all of the iniquities that occurred on that ranch were the work of the imposter. I wouldn’t have ever thought it possible, but we are looking at a situation where the sexual abuse of a 13-year-old cancer patient is the tip of the iceberg.”

Holbrooke said that, while the living Jackson is the leading suspect in the murder investigation, he “could be another victim of some sort.”

“Basically, we have no idea what type of creature we are dealing with,” Holbrooke said.
A member of the investigative team that discovered Jackson ‘s body described the experience as “otherworldly.”

“As we neared the perimeter of Neverland, the dogs started whining and howling like crazy,” Santa Barbara County detective Frank Poeller said. “We had to pull them into the house. When we got to Jackson ‘s bedroom, one of them almost choked himself to death on his leash trying to get out through the window. Minutes later, the same dog led us to the corpse.”

A representative from Jackson ‘s self-created label, MJJ Productions, said he was not surprised to find out that the current Jackson is an imposter.

“When we were recording ‘Heal The World’ for Dangerous, I could tell something was terribly, terribly wrong,” MJJ manager Luke Allard said. “Michael didn’t seem like himself anymore. He’d demand bizarre food and sit for hours in a hyperbaric chamber. His appearance began to become more and more peculiar. Soon afterwards, he started wearing a mask and confiding in a chimpanzee.”

“I remember thinking, ‘This man has become a monster,'” Allard said. “If only I’d known how right I was.”

Above: The creature that claims to be Michael Jackson.
Allard said he thinks that the imposter broke ties with Jackson ‘s former friends and surrounded himself with children who were too young to notice the radical change.
Vanity Fair reporter Beth Pither visited Neverland in 1994.

“A strangely fearful staff member led me to Jackson , but ran off before I opened the door,” Pither said. “Standing there with my hand on an ice-cold doorknob, I heard strange, unnatural sounds-leathery wings flapping, a sorrowful wail, and loud hissing. A wave of dread passed through me as I opened the door, but all I found was Michael and some kids in pajamas eating ice cream and watching 101 Dalmatians.”

While their claims have not been corroborated, other Neverland visitors have reported that when when Jackson entered a room, lights flickered, faucets ran blood-red, and screams escaped from the walls.

To aid in the investigation, the FBI enlisted Dr. Richard Weingarden, a noted expert on the paranormal from UC Santa Barbara. After only two hours, Weingarden abandoned the project.
“The smell of sulfur, the decaying facial features, the bizarrely high-pitched voice-it sounds exactly like…” Weingarden said, trailing off. “I’m sure it’s nothing. Not a big deal. Nothing to be terrified about, certainly. I have to go. I’ve got a family.”

Thomas Sneddon, the prosecutor in Jackson ‘s child-molestation lawsuit, said it remains to be seen how the shocking discovery will affect the trial.
Megan Gustafson, who left her post as president of the Akron , OH Michael Jackson Fan Club after the singer was accused of molestation, offered a positive view of the grisly revelation.

“This is very disturbing news,” Gustafson said. “But to be honest, it’s kind of a relief too. Thriller and Off The Wall are really amazing records. Now I can pull them out of my ‘ruined by child abuse’ storage bin and start listening to them again.”

If only Burj Khalifa is a Philippine edifice, we might have enjoyed yet another long vacation. We’ve been accustomed to that, thanks to the great government. The additional vacation should have been last January 4, when the new tallest building tower in the whole wide world at 828 meter was opened to the public. The opening ceremony was graced by Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Mohammad, who marked the event by unveiling the plaque of Burj Khalifa tower.

The Burj stands with 160 storeys, dwarfing Taiwan’s Taipei 101 tower, China’s Shanghai World Financial Center, Malaysia’s Petronas towers, and US of A’s Sears tower. Its construction started way back in 2004 through the efforts of Emaar Properties.

The now proclaimed tallest building in the world has state-of-the-art and one-of-the-kind facility systems, applicable for both residential and commercial purposes. It has a massive water supply of 250,000 gallons on a daily basis, which is more than enough even when the entire building will be fully occupied. the electricity system has a conversion to 350,000,100 watt light bulbs.

its architects and engineers covered all basis by providing refuge areas in every 25 floors just in case a fire or other untoward happenings occur. Elevators are an added attraction than just a simple lifts. They are designed as double decked observation areas with 5,500 kilograms capacity.

buggiesBe careful of what you wish for, it may come true… I love Volkswagen bugs and I wish I can have one of the late-model. I also wish that all vehicles around the world are made of cutie buggies. How it never occurred to me that one day, these bugs will really take the lead in the world of auto making. Just recently, while most auto makers are cost cutting to the bone, Volkswagen is busy making millions of little buggies!

Little buggies are going to rake every street and road around the world as the automaker takes over Porsche. Still, the two companies’ combined numbers is 400,000 beyond that of Toyota. Earlier this year though, the Japanese automaker stripped half its normal production and closed all production plants. On top of that, the European Cash For Clunkers program also benefited the sales of Volkswagen. That explains the 4.4 million built cars of Volkswagen-Porsche to date.

A good question is up to when will VW rule the statistics? It is apparent that the world economy is trying to pick up, away from the gloom of recession. Before the global economic crises, Toyota Motors is already producing ten million cars a year. The catch is that it is going to make only 70% of its capacity. Even with that figure, Volkswagen reign in auto making may not be actually permanent. If they have already made 4.4 mil to date, already a combination of the two merged companies and just a month away from the end of the year, that will threaten the new acquired title.

As of publishing, Toyota is ranked behind Volkswagen and General Motors.

bnpp1A billion dollars or P 48,500,000 plus an island where nuclear waste can be stored in isolation are all the Philippine government need to make the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant to work! That will give us independence in producing 621 megawatts of electricity, a good solution to the continually glooming global economy. That is just the good thing. Of course, there would be so many negative sides like its effect to the people living within the radius of effect and on the environment in general.
Just recently, on January 29, 2008, the 8-man team of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) led by Akira Omoto inspected the nuke plant and among their recommendations were: First, the power plant’s status must be thoroughly evaluated by technical inspections and economic evaluations conducted by a committed group of nuclear power experts with experience in preservation management. Second, the IAEA mission advised the Philippines Government on the general requirements for starting its nuclear power programme, stressing that the proper infrastructure, safety standards, and knowledge be implemented.

Every rich country known in this world have first invested on nuclear power plants, and that is what our dear government is trying to do now with the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant. Following the 1973 crisis, which put heavy strain in the Philippine economy, the Bataan Power Plant was thought to be the solution for the countries energy demands and will eliminate the country’s dependence on imported oil. The nuke plant was actually started in 1976 and completed 8 years after in 1984 that cost us $2.3 billion. It was designed to produce 621 megawatts of electricity but was never used nor has operated since then.

The Bataan Nuclear Power Plant was inspected and revealed over 4,000 mistakes. Among the very basic were being built near major earthquake fault lines and close to the dormant Mount Pinatubo, which erupted and killed many recently. It is situated in a 3.57 square kilometer government reservation at Napot Point in Morong, Bataan just 100 kilometers or 60 miles west of Manila, making it all the more very risky. This inquiry was fuelled after the Three Mile Island accident and Chernobyl disaster. It was left unused due to very many considerations, one of which is the strong opposition of residents and the citizens of the Philippines.

These pictures were picked from fun and fun only. Honestly, I do not know if this is true or not. But granting it is, then something is fundamentally wrong. Look, the truck is used in the train track while the train is used in exchange of the truck. Funny, isn’t it? These pictures were taken from India and sent to all members of fun and fun only for fun or for truth, I still don’t know.

I hope this doesn’t happen in our own country. I don’t think such swapping will be quite effective for the functions these transportations are for. Besides, it will be another problem amidst the already surmounting problems and issues being faced by the government as well as the people.