‘Visit your dead loved ones or they come and visit you’. Of course it is a joke. For someone who really has a close relative for a ‘dead loved one’ like me, it’s eerie. You see, one of my numerous worries is ghosts or just anything that is supernatural. But I have too many financial obligations to spend a couple of thousands or more for my fare. Still, I asked my mom who have always been so encouraging and kind in her more than 60 years in this life. Oh, she has to know because our dead loved one is my father. That should explain my anxiousness.

Not wanting my mom to worry about me, I omitted the real reason for my indecision. As if nature is on my side, an approaching storm will hit region where my point of business is located. That made a very persuading reason. There is no doubt too that my mom will agree even if I don’t have any valid reason. She is just the best mom in the world; she will still stick with her kids even if I had the worst sickness in the world. In short, I did not go home and is now writing this thing.

In her nice, maternal voice, my mom just asked me to attend a mass and pray. That I should not forget about sticking a candle for my deceased pop, my brother, and my granny. I was even afraid if she will also ask me to do the same with what she often called ‘Laudati’ for whatever that means but she did not. I did all that and even lighted 3 more candles at the front of our main door.

I am relieved but I found out later that I can’t keep my mind from what we should have done as a family in honoring our dead loved ones. In two weeks, I am going home to do just that.