Lovers, husbands and wives, single by choice or no choice, it’s Valentines Day and i could not pass on the chance of greeting you HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY! This is our day; go out and break a leg!

By the way, did you know that an annual International Hot Air Balloon Festival is held this time of the year in the Philippines? Go check out the site and get yourself and your loved one flying in one of the cutest balloons in the country!


Hot Air Balloon Festival


One of the sweetest things that friendship can do is bunching up people inside that relationship for fun travel. And we are finally doing that next year! We are going to Metro Cebu on March not for the fun of it but for the purpose of bonding after a long time of separation from one another. The ‘we’ is Nays, Halley, Owen, and I. The four of us were a team in our former job, Nays being the team leader. We started out as a simple team will be, growing into liking one another’s attitude. That liking grown deeper, the next thing we know we are real good friends one can count on at any time. We couldn’t have stayed for two years on a low paid job if not for one another.

We left the company in the midst of 2008 and move on. Every now and then, we gather and have a scoop snoop from one another. It was fun. Now we are taking the gathering into a higher level, we are going to travel together! First stop will be the Metro Cebu. We already have our bookings done for March 13 to 16. The original plan was 13 to 15 but we moved it to catch up a promo airfare. We will tour the historical land of the oldest town in the Philippines and we are lucky to find a hotel in the oldest street of the country.

Our 4-day trip will also include the Tagbilaran City, an island near the Metro Cebu and where the famous landscape of Chocolate Hills will be seen. That is also the place where a foundation takes care of Philippine Tarsiers. We will also do a tour in that place. Finally, we will be housed on huts in the town of Loboc where the famous floating dining place is also located.

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